Rocket League-Style Turbo Golf Racing Gets Final Release Date

Turbo Golf Racing final release date revealed

Turbo Golf Racing final release date revealed

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There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Rocket League, but you may not know about its unofficial golfing sibling: Turbo Golf Racing.

Developed by Hugecalf Studios, Turbo Golf Racing initially launched in August 2022 on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview to rave reviews. After being enjoyed by over one million players and 11 updates, the final game is fast approaching, with the indie studio confirming the final release date.

Rocket League meets golf

On the surface, Turbo Golf Racing looks like a Rocket League rip-off with golf. While you control rocket-powered cars in both games, Turbo Golf Racing adds a racing element, with up to eight players on each elaborate course competing to knock their giant golf ball into the hole first.

Turbo Golf Racing release date
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Faster runs score you more points, with the highest-scoring player crowned the winner after three rounds. It’s fast-paced, chaotic, and wholly addictive.

There’s also a traditional golf mode, where the fewest shots win, and time trials. Players can also unlock and equip special abilities known as cores to gain a tactical edge.

Final release date revealed

When Turbo Golf Racing launched last year, it was only available on Steam and Xbox via Early Access and Xbox Game Preview. For the final full release, Turbo Golf Racing is also coming to PlayStation 5, bringing the addictive golf-driving game to a wider player base.

Players don’t have to wait long either, as the final version of Turbo Golf Racing will launch on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on 4 April.

Turbo Golf Racing release date
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Sadly, a Nintendo Switch release has yet to be confirmed, but we’re hoping it will get a Switch port in the future. The quick-fire rounds and pick-up-and-play nature would suit Nintendo’s hybrid console well.

New features coming in 1.0 release

To celebrate the final release, the full 1.0 releases will add 40 rewards as part of the Season 4: Launch Party. These include two new car bodies (the Jester and Bassline) and ten new levels across existing biomes.

In addition, the update will also introduce a new eight-player version of golf mode, where the player with the fewest shots wins over five levels. Urban, Wild and Industrial environments have also been enhanced to “make them more distinctive.”

Urban now has a classic golf theme, while the Wild environment has an Asian-inspired theme and Industrial is set in a toxic factory. For the first time, some existing levels can be played at night, and a new Dash and Smash passive core ability will make dashes stronger, increasing the number of unique core combinations to 150.

In addition, the 1.0 update will add an option to save garage loadouts along with new shop items, new missions, timed event updates, balancing, level updates and bug fixes. Let’s hope the final release helps fill up the online lobbies as more players discover the game on other platofrms.

Will you be giving Turbo Golf Racing a shot next month? Let us know in the comments below.

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