WRC Generations’ wheel support is broken on Xbox

We’ve been thoroughly enjoying WRC Generations on PS5 and PC. On Xbox, however, it hasn’t had the smoothest launch.

First, players who ordered the Fully Loaded Edition to get early access were unable to unlock the game. And now that it’s unlocked, the game isn’t working with wheels on Xbox.

KT Racing issues update on the state of WRC Generations on Xbox

Several players are encountering an issue with the Xbox version where plugging in a Logitech wheel causes the game to crash and return to the console dashboard – as shown in a video posted on Reddit.

Others are reporting Thrustmaster and Fanatec wheels losing force feedback and switching off during play.

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In an update on the official WRC game Twitter page addressing the state of WRC Generations on Xbox, KT Racing says it’s working with Microsoft to fix these issues and release a patch.

According to the update, a WRC Generations Xbox update won’t be out until 15 November at the earliest.

“While developing and testing the launch version of WRC Generations on Xbox, we didn’t encounter the various issues you’re currently experiencing (most notably the crashes for owners of steering wheels and other peripherals), those only appeared once the game was released on a live environment and therefore, beyond our control,” KT Racing said.

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“Since we learned of this, our team has been working with Microsoft thoroughly on a patch that is to be transferred this week to their Certification teams for approval. Therefore, it will be available at the earliest on November 15.

We understand your frustration as you can’t experience WRC Generations as intended, once we have news of whether this date can be respected or not we will share it to you on our channels.”

Coupled with the Fully Loaded Edition not unlocking early, it’s a frustrating situation for Xbox players who can’t play WRC Generations as intended.

We’ll have to wait and see if KT Racing or Microsoft offers some compensation for the disruption such as a partial refund or free DLC.

WRC Generations review

It's worth noting that we didn't encounter these wheel issues with the PS5 and PC versions.

As KT Racing’s final WRC game before Codemasters takes over the license, WRC Generations is a glorious send-off for the series and is worth playing on Xbox when these issues are resolved.

You can find out our verdict in our WRC Generations review.

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