Wreckfest slams onto Nintendo Switch

After a delay, Wreckfest has slammed onto the Nintendo Switch. With native releases on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S as well as PS4 and Xbox One, BugBear’s smashing Destruction Derby-inspired racer is now available on every major console. It’s even out on Google Stadia.

With the new Switch release, you can enjoy Wreckfest’s destruction-filled racing on the go wherever you are.

Wreckfest Nintendo Switch launch trailer

To celebrate the release, developer BugBear Entertainment has released a Wreckfest Nintendo Switch launch trailer. From the trailer, Wreckfest looks like a solid port of the original, despite its complex physics engine and soft-body damage modelling.

Surprisingly, the Nintendo Switch version looks like it copes with the on-screen carnage remarkably well, running at a stable 30fps according to BugBear. It’s a testament to the team’s optimisation work, especially compared to the subpar WRC 10 Switch port.

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All content from the PC and console versions carries over to the Switch port. Wreckfest lets you smash up a variety of MOT-failing rust buckets, from coupes and estate cars to sofas and school buses. There’s also a wealth of customisation options to personalise your car or add reinforced bumpers, roll cages, and side protectors so it can take more damage. 

Season packages

BugBear has done a great job updating Wreckfest with new content since it launched, and this content is also available in the Switch version.

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Two season packages are available for the Switch version adding new cars and customisation options. Available for £11.99/$14.99/€14.99, the Season 1 package includes 20 vehicles, 20 roof decorations, and a car customisation pack with new armour, rims, and more.

The Season 2 package costs £9.99/$12.99/€12.99 and includes 12 extra cars.

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