Wreckfest Wrecking Madness Tournament returns with free Warwagon bundle

After Wreckfest was ported to Nintendo Switch last month, a new Tournament update has been released on all formats with new monthly event challenges and a free reward bundle for the Warwagon.

Wrecking Madness Tournament returns

As ever, the latest tournament includes daily, weekly, and monthly challenges with different game modes, vehicles, and objectives.

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Featuring the Speedbird GT, the Wrecking Madness tournament monthly challenge takes place at the Wrecking Playground for maximum carnage. The destructive Wrecking Playground was added in last year’s Wrecking Madness Tournament inspired by the original Next Car Game technology demo.

There’s no racing in the monthly event challenges. Points are scored by using the Wrecking Playground's tools of destruction to deliberately damage your car, smash into objects, and perform airtime stunts. Resetting will automatically repair your car so you don't have to worry about wrecking.

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In addition, the weekly challenges feature timed events where the aim is to collect Bugbear coins scattered around the track as fast as possible. There’s also a free reward: players can pick up the “Warrior” bundle for the Warwagon, which includes a host of upgrades and a unique paint job.

PC hotfix

Coinciding with the Tournament update is a PC hotfix update that resolves an issue where the game would crash when quitting. Bugbear is aware of another fatal crash issue relating to the analytics on consoles and is working to fix the issue in an upcoming update.

To prevent the crash from happening, Bugbear advises players to disable analytics in the Settings > Gameplay menu.

Wreckfest update 1.28 PC patch notes

Game version

PC: 1.289098


  • Game no longer hangs when quitting to desktop.
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