3 things we want to see from GT7's State Of Play

With just over a month until release, Sony announced that this week’s State of Play is dedicated to Gran Turismo7. Airing on 2 February at 10pm UK time, the online event will show 30 minutes of new PS5 gameplay. It will also reveal new details about this year's most hotly anticipated racing game.

Without further ado, here are three things we want to see in this week’s Gran Turismo 7State of Play.

Campaign Mode deep dive

With its focus on online-multiplayer racing and sanctioned events, GT Sport was a departure for the series. Following a fan outcry, a single-player campaign was added to GT Sport post-launch, but it felt like an afterthought. Thankfully, GT7 is returning to its roots with the return of GT Mode.

Renamed as Campaign Mode in GT7, the single-player campaign focuses on car collecting, tuning, and cup championships.

Gran Turismo 7 Campaign Mode GT World Map screenshot
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We should find out new details about GT7's single-player Campaign Mode during State of Play

From our brief glimpses of gameplay, GT7’s Campaign Mode marks the return of the familiar GT World Map home menu. We expect State Of Play will give us a deep dive into GT7’s extensive Campaign Mode, with a look at Used Car Dealerships, the Tuning Shop, the new GT Café, and much more.

More classic tracks

From Deep Forest Raceway to Trial Mountain, the Gran Turismo games have featured some of our favourite fictional tracks. GT Sport was criticised for removing several fan-favourite tracks, but GT7 will rectify this with the return of classic circuits.

Gran Turismo 7 HIgh Speed Ring screenshot
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We hope more classic tracks like Clubman Stage Route 5 and Midfield Raceway will be announced for GT7 at State of Play

So far, Sony has confirmed Deep Forest Raceway, High Speed Ring, Trial Mountain, Lago Maggiore, and Dragon Trail will return in GT7. We’re hoping Sony will announce more classic tracks for GT7 at State Of Play.

The return of tracks like Midfield Raceway, Autumn Ring, Apricot Hill, and Clubman Stage Route 5 in GT7 would make a lot of fans happy and nostalgic. However, Deep Forest has a modified layout in GT7, so it will be interesting to see if any other classic tracks get changed.

PlayStation VR2 support

At the start of the year, Sony revealed some juicy technical details about its upcoming PS5 virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR2. With its OLED display, 4K resolution, and new PS VR2 Sense controllers, PSVR 2 will take VR racing to the next level. So far, Horizon Call of the Mountain is the only confirmed title coming to PSVR 2.

Since GT Sport supported the original PSVR, Sony will probably use GT7 to show how the PSVR 2’s technology can revolutionise racing games. Hopefully, then, Sony will confirm GT7 PSVR 2 support at this week’s State of Play.

Gran Turismo 7 screenshot interior 2
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Will Gran Turismo 7 PSVR 2 support be announced at State of Play?

If GT7 is VR compatible, it will be added in a patch after the game launches in March. There's no release date yet, but the PSVR 2 is expected to go on sale later this year.

Due to hardware limitations, GT Sport’s VR support was limited to time trials and races with one opponent. We want GT7 to offer full PSVR 2 support with full-grid races, more game modes, and an improved VR car showroom. It’s also possible that the PS4 version of GT7 will be compatible with PSVR. Hopefully, we’ll find out if GT7 has VR support during State of Play this week.   

Gran Turismo 7 release date

Assuming a last-minute delay won’t be announced at State of Play (the internet might implode if this happens), Gran Turismo 7 releases 4 March on PS4 and PS5. That's 32 days and counting, GT fans.

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