Gran Turismo 7: 5 best original circuits returning for GT7, Deep Forest, Trial Mountain, & more

Gran Turismo 7 is the PlayStation-exclusive that a lot of gamers will have bought their PS5 systems to play. GT7 will be a huge game and one that has been in the pipeline for over a year and a half now. Great racing games need great circuits, and while GT has a huge collection of real-world tracks to play, its original tracks are also very impressive.

With Kazunori Yamauchi confirming that all cars and circuit from GT Sport will be present in GT7 from launch, there are a lot of original GT circuits in GT7. With that in mind, here are the five we're looking forward to seeing the most in March!

Deep Forest Raceway

We couldn't start anywhere else other than the Deep Forest Raceway. After many Easter Eggs and teasers, we finally got our first glimpse of gameplay in Gran Turismo 7 earlier this week. It just had to be Yamauchi's favourite circuit that was the setting as well.

Deep Forest has been in every GT game except for GT Sport and has gone through and extensive redesign since GT6. It retains all of its character though, and if anything, is even faster and better now.

What makes this circuit good is its mix of tricky and tight slow-speed corners that are separated by high-speed straights and bends. Overtaking isn't hard but the track is narrow in places, so passing is for the brave only. Add camber and large variations in gradients into it too and you've got a world-class circuit on your hands.

Trial Mountain

Another circuit that didn't make the cut for GT Sport that's returning in GT7 is Trial Mountain. Just like real-life, the best fictional circuits are those that are shaped by nature and far away from the nearest city. Trial Mountain definitely falls into this category, as it's one of the most challenging circuits in GT.

Gran Turismo 7 trial mountain
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CONFIRMED: Trial Mountain was the first circuit we saw in GT7

Trial Mountain is an assault course of a circuit. Located in a mountainous region of the USA, you get little time to catch a breather around this layout. In fact, that's the challenge of Trial Mountain and why it's named as such, you do feel like you've climbed to the summit when you win a race here.

We're so looking forward to tearing around here in March with haptic feedback for the first time.

Dragon Trail International Raceway

The best fictional circuits are those which get inspiration from real-world locations. That's certainly the case for Croatia's Dragon Trail International Raceway, which has been a very welcome addition to GT since GT Sport.

Dragon Trail International Raceway
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NEW KID ON THE BLOCK: Dragon Trail hasn't been around for long, but it's already made an impact

Both the gardens and seaside layouts are fun and challenging to race around thanks in large part to the circuit's flowing and sweeping nature. Just like the previous two tracks, camber and undulation also play a part in making Dragon Trail exciting.

Beware though, this isn't for the faint-hearted, as push too hard and you'll be spinning around the wrong way in no-time.

High Speed Ring

This may be a simplistic circuit compared to some others on the list, but it's far from easy. The High Speed Ring is another old-school original circuit and has appeared on every GT except for GT3. When you're driving a fast car, this is the place to do it, as the wide-radius corners are so satisfying to nail every lap.

High speed ring gt7
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FUN TIMES: There's no such thing as a dull race around the HSR

Passing is never really an issue either, as there are multiple fast lines that are available through each corner. We're so glad the HSR is sticking around for another GT and can't wait to try cars like the Porsche Vision GT around it.

Circuit de Sainte-Croix

While the layout of the circuit on a track map may not look all that impressive, the Circuit de Saint-Croix is a monster of a circuit. It has everything along its almost six miles of road, which makes it longer than tracks like Spa. Challenging doesn't cut it, as up and downhill braking zones mess with your normal perception of what your car should be able to do.

Circuit de Sainte Croix
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ALPINE COURSE: This is the closest you'll come to a proper rally stage in GT Sport

Get it wrong, and the barriers lining the circuit are more than happy to give you a high-five. Dip a wheel onto the grass too, and you're also in trouble. This is probably the hardest circuit to master in GT aside from the gruelling Nurburgring. If you're looking for a challenge in GT, this is where you need to have a race around.

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