F1 games should let us use classic liveries on modern cars, and here's why!

We're big fans of the Formula One franchise here at RacingGames, and that goes for the real-world racing and the games.

However, there's one element of modern F1 that we're not the biggest fans of.

That's the liveries. We think it would be awesome if we could use classic liveries on modern vehicles!

The modern livery crisis

We're making this sound a tad dramatic, however, we simply feel that F1 has lost some of the creative flair of the past.

F1 2020 Series 4 livery
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WHACKY: There are some crazy MyTeam and online liveries!

Many liveries released in recent seasons have been similar to the one form the season before. We think it'd be nice to have a bit more variety on the grid.

We, obviously, would rather the team at Codies focussed on making the title as perfect as it can be. However, could it really be so difficult to add a livery changer featuring liveries from previous seasons?

Livery changer

Now, we understand the relative difficulty of having to do this. Despite that, we're sure the team is capable of modifying classic liveries to fit modern vehicles.

f1 2020 hamilton
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SAME OLD: Many of the liveries on the official grid have looked the same for years!

There are plenty of mods for F1 2020 that add some awesome liveries on PC. However, an integrated feature, and one that those on console can use, would be pretty cool.

We want to use a 1992 Williams on the current car, is that too much to ask for?!

F1 2021

We don't yet know an awful lot about the next installment in the franchise, although the acquisition with EA has passed.

f1 2020 Renault R26 1
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CLASSIC LIVERY, MODERN CAR: We'd love old liveries in the modern grid!

It remains to be seen how this will affect the next game. Our fingers are tightly crossed that Codemasters remains in charge of their racing titles.

If so, the only change will be a larger budget afforded to the studio thanks to EA. However, we wait the game with bated breath regardless, as who knows what may happen come F1 2022 and beyond!

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