Gran Turismo 7's delay opens the door for Forza to claim the racing crown

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As we now know, the long-anticipated Gran Turismo 7 has unfortunately been delayed until 2022.

So with the runway now clear for others, could Turn 10's Forza Motorsport capitalise and take the console racing games crown?

We take a look at what this delay in release may mean for the future of both games, and their respective popularity!

Delay spells bad news for GT7

Without a doubt, Polyphony Digital having to delay Gran Turismo 7 is bad news for the franchise.

gran turismo 7
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DELAYED: The fabled title has seen a huge setback!

We've had all sorts of projected release dates so far, from PS5 release window, to early 2021, and now, of course, the distant future of 2022.

With such a delayed release, players will undoubtedly be disenfranchised with Polyphony Digital. This will only be exacerbated by such silence from the company in the run up to this announcement as well as some previous history with long waits for GT titles.

Forza to capitalise

Should fans of the franchise end up with a truly sour taste in their mouths thanks to this delay, Turn 10 can soften the blow.

Forza Motorsport next gen
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TAKE OVER: This a good opportunity for Forza to capitalise!

Forza Motorsport is Xbox's Gran Turismo 7, and likewise, we don't yet have an official release date.

However, this isn't all bad for Turn 10's offering. If the team is also close to announcing their release date, simply being more transparent or announcing a closer date will put the game in good stead.

Lose-Lose situation

Unfortunately, there is every possibility that both of these games end up delayed. This is the worst scenario, for both the companies and the fans.

GT7 gulf
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BAD NEWS FOR FANS: We hope fans end up with the game they want!

This will play into the hands of no one. Forza won't be able to capitalise on the delayed GT7 release, and fans will be left waiting even longer with a game to play.

Instead, fans may turn to other racing titles, such as F1 2021 as well as Assetto Corsa Competizione. Fingers crossed we do end up with at least one of these titles in 2021.

Who knows, with the PS5 being so difficult to acquire, maybe fans will have to settle for the Series X and Forza Motorsport anyway?

Thankfully, Gran Turismo 7's exclusivity on PS5 may yet save the title. There's no way you'll be playing GT7 on a Microsoft console...

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