PS5 VR: New controls could revolutionise arcade racing games!

The fight between an ultrawide high refresh rate and high definition monitor versus VR is a long-standing one in the sim-racing community.

However, for casual racers and arcade games, VR is often the way to go.

So, with the PS5's VR launching soon, could the new intuitive control scheme change the way we play arcade racers?

PS5 VR controls

Unfortunately, I have to start by saying that the PS5's version of VR won't launch this year. However, it does have its own dedicated controllers this time.

PS5 VR Contoller 2
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DOWN THE MIDDLE: It's easy to see how the controller has been split!

These are effectively a DualSense controller split into two, with each unit even boasting adaptive triggers, as well as haptic feedback and finger touch detection.

The controllers are in an orb shape, with the player putting their hands into each of them. Much like Wii remotes, the controllers also have wrist straps to stop you from flinging it across the room!

VR in racing

One of the biggest bonuses of this is that, for those that play racing games on a PS5 controller but want VR, you aren't losing any functionality!

PS5 VR controller
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HAND CRAFTED: The controller looks awesome!

All of the features that make racing games exciting on a controller for the PS5 remain. The only difference would be the added bonus of the VR headset.

For casual racers, this will get you closer to the action than ever before, and without the need to fork out for a high spec PC or similar! If you can get your hands on a PS5 that is...

Where would I use it?

One of the best implementations for this would be games that don't suit wheels very well.

Destruction Allstars Image 2 1
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IN THE ACTION: VR in Destruction Allstars would be non-stop!

For example, Destruction Allstars or Wreckfest, which don't play well at all with a wheel, would be awesome titles in VR.

It would really place you up close and personal in the action, and the elements of gameplay on-foot in Destruction Allstars would be awesome!

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