Why the Burnout franchise needs a revival

The racing side of gaming has had a very hyped 2021 so far. Massive racing titles such as F1 2021 and Forza Horizon 5 are hitting the shelves this week and November respectively. Racing game fans worldwide couldn't be more excited.

But there is a franchise that fans have been wanting back for nearly a decade: Burnout.

Despite the rivalry of games such as Need for Speed, This car-wrecking sensation needs reviving and boy does it need it soon. Here are the reasons why we believe it should make a comeback.

The waiting game

With exception to the remastered version of the classic Burnout: Paradise, there hasn't been a Burnout title in nearly a decade. This simply has to change. With a new Need for Speed coming out in 2022, EA could easily begin work on a brand new chaotic Burnout game. the fans want it so why not?

burnout paradise remastered
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TAKE ME TO PARADISE: The remastered version was good, but we want a new adventure

We all miss the pure carnage that would happen when getting behind the wheel and the takedown feature is a big miss for all fans. With franchises such as Forza and Gran Turismo all releasing games with new and improved features, it's about time a new title came out to keep things fresh and exciting.

Whether it is set in an entirely different country or has brand new features and cars, EA could go in so many directions with this franchise. After nearly ten years we as fans deserve a new game so come on EA, what are you waiting for?

Remastering old titles won't keep it fresh

Burnout: Paradise Remastered was a success. With updated graphics and a new smooth play style, it brought the Burnout franchise to new-gen and didn't look back, however we need a new game. The argument for bringing back the widely loved Burnout 3: Takedown is a valid one but should EA focus solely on remastering? We think not.

Clunky gameplay and poor graphics wouldn't be a problem with a new Burnout and it would cause a stir in the community. With the arcade era of racing games sadly in the rearview mirror, a new title could help bring it back. Not since 2005/2006 has an arcade-type racing game been widely popular. Instead, developers have been more career mode and realism focused.

A new Burnout would buck this trend and give us all something exciting and chaotic to sink our teeth into. Gone are the days of Crazy Taxi and Burnout 3: Takedown, but it's time for it to return.

Burnout 3: Takedown is the peak, but it can be beaten

We all remember Burnout 3: Takedown right? The adrenaline we felt when slamming into cars around us will never be beaten. The addition of the takedown feature was the key to perfecting this already crazy franchise. The addition of perks such as a boost for driving into oncoming traffic is what makes it remembered so well. The soundtrack is also fantastic.

burnout crash
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BURNOUT CRASH: whilst different, this game was a lot of fun

It can be beaten though. This classic came out in 2004 and was released on the original Xbox and PS2. So despite being a classic it has become outdated. Take everything that was right with this game and add a new map and features. That is the making of a successful return for Burnout.

Nothing can ever replace a classic like this but a new game can expand on something that is now becoming old. Arcade games need to return, so by creating a fun career experience. EA could also just go all-in and let us as gamers do whatever we want in the game. there is so much potential.

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