Rocket League's F1 Fan Pack revealed! Teams, release date & more

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Rocket League and Formula 1 are crossing paths in Season 3.

Psyonix's driving/flying/football game is embracing car culture more than ever this year, as it adds more and more real-world makes and models to the title.


Season 3 promised the arrival of both NASCAR and Formula 1 to the game.

F1 x Rocket League

The crossover between the pinnacle of motorsport and Rocket League was confirmed in the Season 3 trailer, though their live date was not. But now we know when it's coming!


"Players, start your engines! Rocket League Season 3 is fueled up and ready to roll on April 7!" the video's description reads.

"Get ready for the most high-octane season yet, featuring a new Rocket Pass, Challenges, and content from NASCAR and Formula 1 coming in May!"

The Formula One Fan Pack will land on 20 May! This will be alongside update 1.97.

F1 Fan Pack contents

The F1 Fan Pack will be an absolute bargain for fans, as it will contain the 2021 livery of ALL 10 TEAMS!

This is much more than was available in the NASCAR Fan Pack.

Along with that there is also a set of Pirelli wheels to complete the look.


The F1 cars will have the Dominus hitbox, so you know exactly how to angle your shots.

All of this will be available for 2,000 Credits.

F1 2021 release date

The Rocket League version of Formula 1 will be arriving just in time for the Monaco Grand Prix, and well ahead of the official F1 game!


F1 2021 will drop on 16 July on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.