Rocket League Season 3: Rocket Pass, contents, NASCAR, F1 & more!

A new season is coming to Rocket League!

As always, we're excited to get some new content in the game, including new arenas and even cars.

So, let's take a look at Season 3 in Rocket League, and what players can expect to see!

Season 3

Season 3 in Rocket League launched today, April 7, following an update that went out yesterday across all platforms.

It seems set to contain some incredible new additions to the game, although some of them will arrive mid-way through the season. One of these additions is the redesigned DFH Stadium, which has been transformed into a racers dream.

For those with a competitive streak, the new competitive season will start also. Don't worry, your rewards for Season 2 will be gifted soon!


Excitingly, one of the biggest additions coming to Rocket League with Season 3 will be more official vehicles.

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REAL-LIFE LEGENDS: NASCAR and F1 make their debuts in May!

This time, it's from two of the largest racing competitions in the world, Formula One and NASCAR!

Inevitably boasting some serious speed, these vehicles will launch as DLC at some point in Season 3. So, if you're a fan of Hamilton or Jeff Gordon, you may want to keep your eye out for when they go live.

Rocket Pass

The Rocket Pass launched today also for Season 3, and brings with it another 70+ tiers of items to grind for in-game.

One of the biggest incentives for the Premium Rocket Pass this season is the Tyranno, a new, high-octane vehicle built to compete with the arriving NASCAR and F1 vehicles.

The Premium Rocket Pass also has 1000 credits for players to earn, and the Pro Tiers past level 70 are now visible once tier 70 is attained.

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