Rocket League Sideswipe Season 4 adds new Mutator Madness game mode

Rocket League is celebrating its seventh anniversary this week with a new Birthday Ball event bringing two Limited Time Modes. This week also sees the start of Rocket League Sideswipe Season 4 for the mobile spin-off.

Available now on iOS and Android, Rocket League Sideswipe Season 4 adds a new Mutator Madness game mode along with a new Rocket Pass, Arena, and Crossover event.

Mutator Madness

Headlining Rocket League Sideswipe Season 4 is the Mutator Madness game mode. This novelty mode switches things up with random mutators, from turning the ball into a cube to giving players unlimited boost. Among the settings for randomising the match include gravity, ball bounciness, max jump, ball speed, car size, and more.

Players can upvote or downvote the randomised mutator settings at the end of the match. The mutator with the most votes will then be playable on the weekend with a double XP boost.

In addition to the new Mutator Madness mode, 2v2 Hoops is back in Rocket League Sideswipe by popular demand with ranked matches.

Crossover Event

A new Rocket League Crossover Event is also available through July 19. Completing Challenges in the Crossover Event will unlock Calculated Goal Explosion in both Rocket League and Sideswipe and the Calculated Avatar in Sideswipe.

Rocket League crossover event
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Earn extra rewards by completing the latest Rocket League crossover event.

To earn these crossover rewards, you’ll need to log into Sideswipe with the same Epic Games Account used for Rocket League.

Rocket Pass

As part of the new Rocket Pass, Season 4 includes a new adventure-themed Arena called Eggscalibur as well as the Fennec car. Completing the Rocket Pass will unlock the Battle Axe Topper to crush enemies and Magic Missile Boost. Players that reach Level 50 will earn the Quartz Goal Explosion.

Rocket League Sideswipe Hoops
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Hoops is back in Rocket League Sideswipe by popular demand.

If you have some spare SP credits to spend, a slew of adventure-themed customisation items are now available in the Season 4 Item Shop. These include Lime Green Draco Wheels, Sword Banner, Sea-nicorn Avatar, and Sky Blue Quasar III Goal Explosion. all help customize your character. New Daily Challenges will also help you earn extra SP.

After Season 4's launch, Season 3 Rewards (Avatars and Titles) will be given for the highest rank the player achieved during the season

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