EA Sports WRC: Controller settings guide

EA Sports WRC Controller Settings Guide

EA Sports WRC Controller Settings Guide

Despite a wheel being the best way to go racing on PC, not every player has access to racing hardware. Console players are also mostly restricted to racing using a pad rather than a wheel. So for those limited to controller, what are the best EA Sports WRC controller settings?

Pad racing

Rally games require a lot more feel and control than most racing titles, and that can create problems when racing using a controller. On a wheel, you can feel the road through your fingertips, but that's not the case on a pad.

EA Sports WRC controller settings guide
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PS5 controllers do give you more feedback thanks to the DualSense's haptic feedback system, which helps you judge the limits of the car. But for other controller players, how can you tell when the car's struggling for grip and control? Our EA Sports WRC controller settings guide is what you need!

EA Sports WRC controller settings guide

The best settings on any racing game are always subjective, but we believe this is the best EA Sports WRC controller setup overall courtesy of Rally Technical. There are some alterations you may need to make depending on the age of your controller, but we'll come to that in a bit.

EA Sports WRC wheel settings guide
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The controller settings in EA Sports WRC are split into two categories. These are steering sensitivity and steering linearity. Each setting affects the performance of the analogue sticks when cornering.

To find the controller settings, select the device settings for your pad, then head into the advanced tab.

Steering sensitivity

Steering sensitivity, believe it or not, affects the sensitivity of the steering. This is how responsive the car is when moving the left stick. A higher value will make the car twitchier under small movements, whereas a lower value will require more stick movement before the car starts turning.

We recommend a steering sensitivity value of around 75. This will get the car turning when you need it without causing a tank-slapper effect.

Steering linearity

Steering linearity is the relationship between the analogue stick input and the steering output. The steering output is the amount of wheel-turn in-game.

EA Sports WRC wheel settings guide
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We suggest a steering linearity setting of 3. This will get the wheel movement as close to the stick movement as possible, without causing instability when steering.


Something to remember when setting your controller settings is the steering deadzone. This is the distance the analogue stick moves before movement is detected.

Ideally, you want to keep your steering deadzone less than 10%. Anything higher than this will result in a lack of performance, and you may need to replace your controller as a result.

Controller settings

Here are the recommended EA Sports WRC controller settings:

EA Sports WRC controller settings
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Credit: RALLY Technical/YouTube

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