EA Sports WRC: How to change your co-driver settings

EA Sports WRC change co-driver settings

EA Sports WRC change co-driver settings

Rally would be unrecognisable without hearing the co-drivers pace notes. From calling out corners to warning of jumps and water, the co-driver is the driver's eyes and ears for the stage up ahead. But sometimes they can be tricky to work with, so how can you change your co-driver settings in EA Sports WRC?

Calling the shots

It might be the driver who takes the credit in rallying, but they would be nothing without their co-driver. It’s the job of the co-driver to keep the driver aware of the stage up ahead, calling out corners, warning of blind sections, and even alerting the driver to upcoming jumps and splashes.

EA Sports WRC change co-driver settings
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If you’ve ever wondered what the constant instructions are during a rally stage, that’s the co-driver doing their job. Combined with the warning graphics that flash up on the screen, the co-driver's pace notes are a staple of rally games, and EA Sports WRC is no different.

However, sometimes the co-driver can be just a little bit distracting, or even obstructing. Luckily, EA Sports WRC has a series of co-driver settings to help you stay focused on the racing and less on the shouting.

How to change your co-driver settings in EA Sports WRC

EA Sports WRC allows you to customise your co-driver to give you the best instructions when you need them most.

You can change the timing of the co-driver calls, adjusting how soon you are warned before reaching a corner or obstruction. This ranges from just before you need to react where you have little warning, to giving you plenty of time to respond.

EA Sports WRC change co-driver settings
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EA Sports WRC also has an option to change the call type. If you’re a seasoned rally gamer, you can go for the normal call types and hit the stages. If you’re struggling to understand what your co-driver is saying, however, then you want the simplified instructions. This waters down the corner severity calls to more easy-to-understand categories.

Finally, EA Sports WRC has an option to turn off the co-driver’s voice. If you want the on-screen prompts without the voice in your ear, you’ll want to turn this off.

To change all three co-driver settings, head into the options menu. From here, select ‘Game Preferences’ and you’ll find the co-driver settings.

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