EA Sports WRC: How to change metric/imperial units

EA Sports WRC change units

EA Sports WRC change units

Many racing series these days measure speed and distance in metric units, meaning those who still use imperial need to get their calculators out. WRC is no different, but what if you want to stick with imperial units in EA Sports WRC? Luckily, it’s easy to switch between the two.

Here's how to change metric/imperial units in EA Sports WRC.

Racing metrics

Racing has truly entered the modern era, and the best way to tell is just by looking at the unit measurements. Metres and kilometres are the units of choice when it comes to distance, and temperatures are always shown in Celsius.

EA Sports WRC change units
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Not every country in the world uses metric units, however, and this can cause some issues. With miles and yards tricky to calculate compared to their metric counterparts, and no easy way to switch to Fahrenheit, it can be a headache converting from metric to imperial units.

Now try to do all this in a car hurtling along at 50mph (80km/h) over rough terrain, and you’ll soon find yourself wrapped around a tree you can’t even measure! So how can you change metric to imperial in EA Sports WRC?

How to change metric/imperial units in EA Sports WRC

Luckily for players wanting to switch between metric and imperial units, it’s pretty straightforward.

Simply head into the game options, then select ‘Game Preferences’. Scroll down to the units option. Here, you can switch between metric and imperial.

EA Sports WRC change units
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Before changing the units, be aware that this will change all the units in the game to either metric or imperial. For metric, all distances will be in metres or kilometres, speed will be km/h, and temperature will be in Celcius. For imperial, distances will be in yards or miles, speed will be mph, and temperature will be Fahrenheit.

If you don't want to change all units but still want to convert between miles and kilometres while on the go, just remember that one kilometre is ⅝ of a mile. This means converting from miles to kilometres will require dividing the number by five, then multiplying by eight. To convert the other way, simply do the opposite.

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