EA Sports WRC: How to change the difficulty

EA Sports WRC how to change difficulty

EA Sports WRC how to change difficulty

Rally racing is one of the most challenging racing classes in the world, with EA Sports WRC doing a great job replicating the gruelling rally stages from across the world. For some players, the difficulty is exactly right in the game, but for others, it may be a case of being too easy or too difficult. So how can you change the difficulty in EA Sports WRC?

Difficulty in stages

When you think of rally racing, you always think of impossible speeds around inconceivable corners or through incomprehensible gaps between trees and buildings. As the officially licensed game of the WRC series, EA Sports WRC has to replicate the intensity of rallying whilst also keeping the game accessible to new players.

When you first start up the game, you’re invited to select an initial difficulty preset. These presets control the AI difficulty, assists, and gear shifting.

EA Sports WRC change difficulty
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New players selecting the easiest preset will see all assists enabled, gear shifting set to manual, and the AI difficulty turned down considerably. Experienced players choosing the hardest preset on the other hand will see assists turned almost all the way off, gears set to manual, and AI difficulty ramped all the way up.

Once you’ve selected your initial difficulty, it’s still possible to change your difficulty settings if you’re either destroying the competition or finding it hard to compete against the AI. Let’s take a look at how to change the difficulty in EA Sports WRC.

How to change the difficulty in EA Sports WRC

Before any rally stage, you can head into the options to change the difficulty. This can be found at the bottom of the pre-rally menu, under ‘options and extras’.

Once in the options menu, you’ll find the difficulty setting as the first option. Here, you can change the AI difficulty and damage received from collisions. Lessening the damage is key if you’re finding the car hard to control after a few bumps on the road, meaning you can leave the AI difficulty alone if you find yourself competitive again.

EA Sports WRC change difficulty
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It’s important to note that changing these settings will not affect your assists or gear shift settings. These can both be found in the assists menu. It’s also worth remembering that the difficulty settings are not accessible from the game’s main menu, so you must first start a rally before you can change the difficulty.

Once you’ve found a sweet spot with the difficulty settings, you’ll be hitting each stage confident in your abilities to succeed.

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