EA Sports WRC Update 1.3 Brings Performance Fixes and Steam Deck Support

EA Sports WRC Update 1.3

EA Sports WRC Update 1.3

We’re into the second week of rallying on EA Sports WRC, and there’s another new update hitting the stage. Update 1.3 contains several bug fixes, graphical improvements, and stability enhancements, as well as introducing an all-new way to play the game. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the EA Sports WRC Update 1.3.

Stable rallying

One of the biggest complaints about EA Sports WRC is its instability, especially on PC. Many players have reported stuttering during stages, especially after collisions, with screen tearing and framerate issues plaguing the rallying experience.

Update 1.3 begins to fix these issues, with shader stuttering and framerate concerns addressed. Whilst not eliminating the problem completely, these complaints should now be reduced.

EA Sports WRC Update 1.3
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Update 1.3 also aims to fix soft-lock and crashing that has affected players. This has been rolled out across all platforms, preventing players from being booted out of the game through no fault of their own.

With a smoother gameplay experience, and reduced risk of crashing, Update 1.3 is already a welcome sight for rally players. But there’s even more included in the update.

Rallying comes to Steam Deck

Update 1.3 to EA Sports WRC enables the game to now be launched via Steam Deck. This brings rallying to the players on the move, with it now possible to complete a stage whilst on the daily commute.

EA Sports WRC Update 1.3
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For the majority of players, this is likely not a big deal. PC players however can now begin one of the longer stages in one location, before switching to their Steam Deck to complete it in a different location. EA Sports WRC, along with F1 23, are now the headline racing titles available on Steam Deck, proving that modern racing games can be made portable.

With focus placed on making the game run smoothly on Steam Deck, this has created the catalyst for improving stability on all platforms. We’re yet to try out EA Sports WRC on Steam Deck, but we’re hopeful that the game will run just as smoothly as F1 23.

EA Sports WRC update 1.3 patch notes

Along with the new fixes and features, Update 1.3 addresses a wide range of other issues in EA Sports WRC. From incorrect animations and accessibility issues to improving both the car models and car builder, Update 1.3 covers every aspect of the game.

EA Sports WRC Update 1.3 patch notes
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Check out the Update 1.3 patch notes highlights below, or click here to read more about Update 1.3 in EA Sports WRC.

Key fixes

  • Added support for Unreal PSO Caching (shader pre-compiling) to address and reduce the amount of shader stuttering experienced on PC.
  • Made several improvements to framerate in key areas of gameplay on all platforms.
  • Made a number of graphical fixes and improvements across the game on all platforms.
  • Resolved multiple issues that would cause the game to crash or soft lock during gameplay on all platforms.
  • EA SPORTS™ WRC can now be launched on Steam Deck.


  • Resolved an issue where the co-driver was t-posing in the Ford Escort RS Cosworth.
  • Resolved an issue where in the Ford Fiesta WRC 2019 the driver would pull the handbrake instead of the paddles to shift gears.

Input devices

  • Added support for User Datagram protocol (UDP) on PC.
  • Added handbrake axis binding for the Logitech Pro.
  • Added throttle and brake vibration functionality to Fanatec pedals on PlayStation and PC.
  • Made some balancing changes to pedal and wheelbase vibration for a more consistent experience.
  • Made a number of fixes to button bindings.
  • Added a warning message for when a player resets bindings due to an actionmap update.

Options & settings

  • Corrected a number of User Interface errors within the Options & Settings menus.
  • Made a number of User Interface improvements within the Options & Settings menus.
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