EA Sports WRC: Wheel settings guide

EA Sports WRC wheel settings guide

EA Sports WRC wheel settings guide

Despite still feeling solid on a controller, nothing beats racing on a proper steering wheel. However, rally games require those little extra settings that other racing titles don’t need. With that in mind, what are the best EA Sports WRC wheel settings?

Steering to success

Rally games bring a whole new element when it comes to racing on a wheel. You need to be able to feel every bump and grain of sand beneath the car to ensure you stay on the right racing line for as long as possible.

If you want to check your wheel is supported, check out this EA Sports WRC wheel support list.

EA Sports WRC wheel settings guide
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Losing control of the car during a rally stage will only result in an inevitable collision with a tree or building. When you’re hurtling along at 90mph on nothing but gravel, that’s not ideal, so it’s crucial to set your wheel up properly to guarantee responsiveness at every corner.

EA Sports WRC wheel settings guide

The best wheel settings on any racing game are always subjective, but we believe this is the best EA Sports WRC wheel setup overall courtesy of Rally Technical. It’s important to note that these settings are mostly designed for use on Fanatec and Logitech wheels, but could be utilised for other wheel manufacturers with some minor tweaks.

EA Sports WRC wheel settings guide
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The wheel settings in EA Sports WRC are split into nine categories. These are self-aligned torque, wheel friction, tyre friction, suspension, tyre slip, engine, collision, soft lock, and steering centre force. We’ll cover each setting, explaining what it does and then recommending the best setting to get the best result.

To find the wheel settings, select the device settings for your wheel, then head into the vibration tab.

Self-aligned torque

Self-aligned torque is the overall force you will feel through the wheel. This will be most prominent during high-speed, long-radius corners.

For Fanatec wheels, we recommend setting the self-aligned torque to around 58. You can take it as high as 61 but 58 works best on all surfaces.

Logitech wheels can be set to anywhere between 97-107 but again we recommend the lower end of that range to stabilise the car when driving over gravel.

Wheel friction & tyre friction

Wheel and tyre friction work together to add overall weight to the wheel and simulate the effects of understeer respectively. A lower tyre friction value will create a more pronounced understeer effect.

EA Sports WRC wheel settings guide
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Fanatec wheel users should set their wheel friction to 34 and their tyre friction to 6. This will provide extra weight to the wheel while keeping the understeer active.

Logitech players should lower their wheel friction a click to 33, then raise their tyre friction to 7. Like with the Fanatec settings, this will add the necessary weight while keeping the understeer.


The suspension is key to feeling the road surface under the car. Whether you’re on snow, tarmac, or gravel, being able to feel the road is crucial for hitting your braking zones and throwing the car around corners.

Fanatec racers should set their suspension to around 125. The higher value gives more feel without compromising the rest of the setup.

Logitech users should set their suspension to 150. This will compensate for the difference between Logitech and Fanatec wheels to give the same feeling from the car.

Tyre slip

Tyre slip simulates wheel spin when accelerating or losing traction through corners. This adds a vibration when the tyres are losing grip, acting as your warning that you’re about to lose control of the car.

EA Sports WRC wheel settings guide
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A tyre slip value of 90 on Fanatec wheels will give the best balance between warning you of losing grip and vibrating so much that you lose control from that.

Logitech wheels work better with a tyre slip value of around 85. This will help you know when the car is about to head into a spin.


The engine setting is arguably the least important of the whole setup. This setting creates vibration when the engine is at max RPM, but you only need this during stage starts.

Setting the engine to 100 on Fanatec will give you the vibration you need without putting too much through the wheel.

Meanwhile, on Logitech it’s better to set the engine to 150. This will create a similar effect without buzzing your hands too much.


Collision is pretty self-explanatory. This is the feedback you’ll get when you hit something, so you want to keep this low if you’re prone to clipping trees.

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EA Sports WRC wheel settings guide
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120 is optimum on Fanatec wheels. This will punish you for colliding with obstructions without breaking your thumbs.

It’s best to dial collision down to around 140 on Logitech wheels. This should again punish you for crashing without resulting in injury.

Soft lock

The soft lock represents the resistance at the end of the steering rack. In a real car, this shows the limits of your steering availability. The soft lock should be enabled to create an authentic steering experience.

Soft lock on Fanatec wheels can be set to around 75. This will accurately simulate the soft lock of a rally car.

Logitech wheels require a much higher soft lock of around 110. This will give the required resistance through the steering when you reach full lock.

Steering centre force

Steering centre force returns the wheel to the centre when released. In racing games using force feedback, you want to turn this setting off. This is because no real-life racing car automatically returns the wheel back to the centre.

EA Sports WRC wheel settings guide
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It should always be up to the driver to return the wheel, as fighting the wheel when continuously steering will be detrimental to the performance of the car. During high-speed transitions, this will be even more problematic.

Fanatec wheel settings

Here are the recommended EA Sports WRC wheel settings for Fanatec players:

EA Sports WRC Fanatec wheel settings
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Credit: RALLY Technical/YouTube

Logitech wheel settings

Here are the recommended EA Sports WRC wheel settings for Logitech users:

EA Sports WRC Logitech wheel settings
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Credit: RALLY Technical/YouTube

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