WRC 10 Editions: Early access, bonus content, historic cars & more

The next chapter in the WRC franchise, WRC 10, is on its way!

Nacon & Kylotonnn have been raising the bar for rally sims over the last few years, and it's safe to say that WRC 9 was their best release yet. So what will the new game have to offer? Especially for those of us that love a few extras with a game!

WRC 10 Editions

Most games these days release with a few editions. If it's an Ubisoft game it could have dozens of different editions!!

Usually, we would expect a few editions for a WRC game, so what is in store this year?

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Well there is no Deluxe Edition or anything like that, but Nacon has created some tiers for WRC 10.

PS5 & Xbox Series X edition

While a lot of games are the same across the two console generations. On the new consoles the game comes in at £44.99. Featuring amazing haptic feedback on the PS5 and blistering performance on both consoles it is worth the extra if you've got the new consoles.

PS4 & Xbox One edition

For the older consoles the game comes in at £39.99 and will obviously lack the performance modes of the new consoles. However, the core content of the games is the same.

WRC 10 release date

The official release date for WRC 10 has been set.


The new game is set to arrive on 2 September.

With no early access editions we will all be taking to the stages at the same time this year!

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