What is Assetto Corsa Content Manager?

Many gamers consider the Content Manager a must have if you want to enjoy a complete Assetto Corsa experience!

The CM works as an alternative launcher for Assetto Corsa, and includes an easier method of installing mods and the option to join an online server.

Where to download Assetto Corsa Content Manager, and what does it do?

You can download the Assetto Corsa Content Manager here.

There’s a free version and a full version of the app available. The full version can be downloaded by donating any amount to the team behind it.

The CM is designed to make installing mods much easier than the standard method of doing it. Simply, all you have to do is drag and drop your compressed mod files into the CM, and it does all the tricky bits for you.

As well as a handy management hub for your mods, CM can also help you organise your cars, car skins, showrooms, fonts, weathers and other types of content you've downloaded. There’s also a repair tool for obsolete car mods or mods with common errors.

The full version of the CM also offers users a Server tab, which is useful for playing with friends online. More information on this can found right here.

This handy video offers a more in-depth 'how to' guide on everything you might want to know.


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