5 things that need to be FIXED in F1 22

F1 22 5 things that need fixing

F1 22 5 things that need fixing

Despite the large patch which fixed many issues within F1 22, there are still major bugs plaguing Formula 1 gamers. Here are the biggest five things that we believe Codemasters need to address sooner rather than later.

1. Faulty My Team upgrades

We start with an undoubtable fault within the My Team Career Mode. As part of this game mode, you can upgrade your facilities to help boost your teammate's stats.

However, despite the millions of in-game currency you can sink into these improvements, you may see no return for your investment.

Mercedes F1 22 Silverstone
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ALL FOR NOTHING: Despite your best efforts, your upgrades may not apply in My Team

As far as we can tell, these multipliers and boosts to your teammate's stats don't work. This is because no indication of them being applied is shown. This is in contrast to last year's game, where you would see this.

While this is particularly prevalent on PC, it has been reports on both the PlayStation and Xbox versions of F1 22.

2. Punishing Practice

The days of Formula 1 cars having eight engines to complete a season are long gone. Nowadays, three or four components is all you have, and power unit management is more important than ever.

So, you'd think that simulating practice sessions by using quick practice would help this. That's simply not the case though, as despite potentially doing less laps than driving yourself, these parts wear markedly fast.

F1 22 Quick practice mode
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A HINDRANCE, NOT HELP: Quick Practice ruins your engine components in F1 22

This is so bizarre, as you'd think Codemasters would apply the same multiplier as when you're driving the car. This would be an easy one for Codies to fix, but it is still apparently an issue for players.

3. AI straight line speed

F1 22 is a challenging game, there's no getting away from it. However, the speed of the AI in certain areas of the track is a bit ridiculous. We're referring to the straights, as the AI's speed down these is far faster than we can pull off.

We've found this is down to the unrealistic acceleration levels the AI can achieve out of slow-speed corners. The AI then carry this down the following straight, gaining up to half a second on even short straights.

F1 22 game Red Bull Ferrari Monza
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NEED MORE SPEED: Passing the AI in a straight fight is so tough in F1 22

Now, depending on the difficulty you're racing on, this may not be an issue. Although, for those playing on around 100 or higher, it really is, and it makes overtaking impossible around some circuits.

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This is in complete contrast to the new regulations, where cars are actually easier to pass than in 2021.

4. Qualifying and race pace balance

This has always been an issue in the F1 games, but F1 22 has taken it to a whole new level. We don't mean this in a positive way either, as the gap between the AI's performance in qualifying and race conditions has widened even more.

It's not uncommon for us to qualify on pole by half a second or so but be slower than the leading cars in the race. While race pace can be different to qualifying, that's just plain unrealistic.

Aston Martin Silverstone F1 22 game
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You almost have to turn up the AI speed in qualifying before turning it back up again for the race.

This shouldn't be the case, as despite setups being a balance between qualifying and race pace, we shouldn't have to change the AI speed between sessions to keep the experience realistic.

5. Safety Car glitch

The 2022 Formula 1 Safety Car is faithfully recreated in F1 22. What hasn't been accurately depicted though, is the pace which you and the AI can run at when there's a full-course yellow.

F1 22 Safety Car
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This glitch is completely random, but it isn't too rare and can ruin the experience. While a Safety Car is out, it has been known for the AI to run at a pace slower than the delta.

While this sounds good, it really isn't because unless you're leading, you'll be held up behind them and your chance of catching the leaders is gone. If you are leading, you'll pull out a huge gap on the rest of the field and the race is effectively over.

This is the equivalent of using God mode in an F1 game and it ruins the challenge of racing. Codies really need to fix this one sharpish, because it so frustrating.

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