F1 22 Update 1.06: What Codemasters needs to prioritise in the next update

F1 22 has been out for a few weeks now, and while players everywhere are enjoying the new cars, on-track battles, and living out their wildest interior decorating dreams, there are still a few issues with Codemasters' latest release.

Update 1.05 landed last week to fix a few things with the game across every platform, but what should be in the next one?

Let's take a look!

Latest news - Update 1.06 arrives

The new patch has finally landed.

You can check out the F1 22 Update 1.06 patch notes here.

F1 22 Update 1.06

We don't know when the next update will arrive for F1 22, but it surely won't be long.

While we know new tracks and crossplay are coming in future updates, they are very unlikely to be in Update 1.06.

We assume Update 1.06 will arrive either at the end of this week or the start of next week given the number of fixes that need to be rolled out.

Quick practice wear

Practice sessions are great if you are learning a new track or trying to test out a setup. However, for a lot of players they are time sinks that are needed to gain maximum resource points.

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That's why quick practice is so good, but it's also bugged. Your engine takes huge wear if you use quick practice and that needs to be patched as soon as possible to help everyone.

AI rockets

The other thing that would help every player is nerfing the OP straight-line speed of the AI.

Players on every platform and in every mode have come across AI that seems to have endless ERS and zero drag. It makes tracks like Miami and Monza impossible in races.

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Fixing this simply must be a priority for Codies. Last year the AI were rapid around fast-but-not-flat corners like Pouhon in Spa and parts of Zandvoort and that was pretty quickly tuned down.

My Team mechanics

While not much has changed in My Team this year, somehow there are parts that aren't working properly, ruining the single-player experience.

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Personnel HQ boosts aren't applying, sponsors aren't showing in replays, and there are plenty of other things.

While racing is always the core priority, player interfaces and tools working properly are also very important to a good experience within a game.

Safety car glitches

There isn't just one safety car glitch going on right now, which is just bizarre.

Players are reporting safety cars that just never leave the track, making them do lap after lap at painfully slow speed right to the end of the race.

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There are others where AI get messages to overtake the safety car only to then be disqualified for it, leaving them with no opponents to race against.

While frequency of safety cars is always going to be fluid, these issues are game-breaking and really need to be fixed.

Online & general stability

There are still too many game crashes, freezes, and online issues. Every modern game goes through these teething issues, and of course general stability improvements will be included in the next update.

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