5 things you need to know before buying F1 22

Launch day is almost here for those who have preordered F1 22, and we can't wait! Having played a preview build of the game for a number of weeks now, we here at RacingGames are sure fans are really going to like this year’s entry. Here are five things you need to know before buying F1 22.

The cars

F1 22’s cars are new, and they drive differently compared to cars in previous F1 games. As revealed by a tweet on the official F1 game Twitter account, the final version of the game will have the final car models, and they look great.

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The preview build content creators have played did not have final car models, which is why most F1 22 gameplay you’ve seen does not feature the new cars. Rest assured, however, that the final version of the game will include them.

F1 22’s cars also ride much lower to the ground. This means that not only can you lose the rear by riding the kerbs, you can bottom out and end up stuck on the kerbs. So, fingers crossed you don't end up stuck out there on track when you get racing!

Race modes

There are two different modes you can use to race in-game: Broadcast and Immersive. During races, these modes will affect the way certain features work such as pitstops, safety cars, and the formation lap. For example, in Broadcast mode you won't have to control the car when under Safety Car and will instead be treated to some TV-style camera angles following the cars as they lap.

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Likewise, those in Immersive mode will have full control over their formation lap including lining up on the grid and the timing of their pitstop when in the pitlane. These features add another layer of accessibility to the game, as well as an added element of realism for those who want the most authentic F1 gaming experience.

Media duties

Did you know you can pick your commentator? That's right, for the first time, you can pick your race commentator in-game from a long list of commentators.

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This includes Sky Sport's David Croft and Natalie Pinkham and Channel 4's Alex Jacques. For those in Europe, other options include Sascha Roos, Jacques Villeneuve and Jean-Éric Vergne.

F1 22 will let you tailor your race weekend to be the exact experience you want.

Long or short weekend

The race weekend now comes in three different formats. This includes Standard, authentic and sprint and race. Sprint races were missing from F1 2021 despite being present in real life, but they have now been added to F1 22. What’s exciting is that you can participate in them at any track in the F1 calendar as opposed to just the tracks that have them in the real world.

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As with the full race, you can also change the length of sprint races. For example, if you go for short, sprint races only last five laps. Choosing long has you racing in 50% length sprint races. This means not only can you add sprint races to any track in the calendar but select any length you want.

New handling

F1 22’s car handling is very different. This is thanks to a combination of a new tyre model as well as the latest aerodynamic changes reflecting the new season regulations. For the first time in a long time, there have been substantial changes between F1 games in the car's behaviour.

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This will largely play out on the kerbs. Overall, the cars are lower and have a stiffer sidewall on the tyre. This leads to two possibilities: you can now beach your car completely leaving you stranded and kerbs will also be far less forgiving. Anyone watching the Canadian Grand Prix last weekend will have seen how much these new cars bounced over the kerbs on the final two corners.

Likewise, when exiting a corner, you'll notice a fair amount of oversteer. As a result, you’ll have to tweak your setup further or manage your throttle as you exit a corner.

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