F1 22 Pre-Order: Price, bonuses, early access & more

As the game's release date gets closer, F1 22 pre-orders are now available.

Codemasters is hard at work bringing the latest Formula 1 cars to life and have a high bar to clear after the brilliant success of F1 2021.

But what can you get for buying the game early?

F1 22 Pre-Order

F1 22 pre-orders are now available! This is the case for both the standard and Champions versions of F1 22. Codemasters has always offered an array of extras, and since EA's purchase of the studio that has only increased.

Pre-ordering will earn you 5,000 PitCoin (18k for the Champions Edition). This will get players enough PitCoins to buy the VIP Podium Pass when Series 1 starts.

Pre-ordering will also get you a starter pack for F1 Life. If rumours are to be believed, this is a kind of off-track lifestyle section. This could mean pre-ordering gets you outfits or perks for this feature.

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Also listed on the pre-order benefits is a F1 22 New Era Content. What that is, is anybody's guess, but it could relate to the new regulations which have brought wholesail changes to the sport.

The Champions Edition also offers three days of era access and dual entitlement for those buying on PlayStation and Xbox. All those who pre-order as well, get a 10% discount on EA Play Membership.


F1 22 follows a similar pricing structure to F1 2021, but they have increased slightly.

The Standard Edition is £59.99 on Xbox One and PS4 via their digital stores, and £49.99 on Steam. Those wanting to play on Series X or PS5 will have to fork out £69.99 for the standard edition.

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The Champions Edition will set you back £69.99 on Steam and £79.99 on PlayStation and Xbox.

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