Codemasters investigating F1 22 AI straight line speed issues

Yesterday’s F1 22 1.06 update changed Kevin Magnussen’s eye colour, but it didn’t address the game’s most glaring issue.

Since F1 22 launched in late June, players have complained about the overpowered AI ruining the game. AI opponents are simply too fast on straights, making it impossible to catch up even on easier difficulty settings. Even professional players have called Codemasters out on this. It’s particularly noticeable on circuits like with slow corners leading to high-speed straights.

This frustrating issue makes F1 22 practically unplayable in single player.

Codemasters investigating F1 22 AI straight line speed issues

Players have been reporting the AI straight-line speed issue for weeks, but it still hasn’t been fixed weeks after launch. Responding on social media, Codemasters says it's "investigating issues with AI on the straights" to work out a solution.

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On EA's F1 22 community-raised issues thread, AI straight line speed after slow corners is listed as one of several issues a “significant number of people have reported” that are under investigation. Codemasters is also investigating an issue that causes the AI to “backout on overtakes too easily.”

If a fix isn't released soon, frustrated players may end up abandoning F1 22.

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However, it might not be simple to resolve and require a lot of testing. At this stage, Codemasters is still working to “understand how, or if, this can be resolved,” so it may take some time before a patch is released to fix AI straight line speeds.

Handling changes

One of the most significant changes in update 1.06 is the updated handling. The torque curve of the new car engines has been tweaked, meaning the engine has less torque at lower RPMs and the power increases gradually.

Gear ratios have also been tweaked to improve traction, making the cars easier to drive in lower gears, and higher tyre temperatures will have a negative effect on grip.

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