F1 2021 Podium Pass Series 4 brings Aarava & Pie Face liveries to the game

Podium Pass Series 4 has landed in F1 2021, but with a twist. This time they have teamed up with some content creators, including one of the biggest names in the F1 community.

Quadrant's Aarava has created a set of items that will be rewards in Series 4, and he isn't alone. FIFA player & F1 fanatic Pie Face, who competed in several Virtual GPs, has also made some items along with Terroriser!

Let's see what this trio has been able to come up with!

F1 2021 Podium Pass Series 4

The latest Podium Pass is now live for everyone across all platforms, and brings another 30 tiers of rewards.

That includes 14 free rewards and 30 VIP rewards.

f1 2021 series 4 pieface livery
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HARD WORK: The Pie Face livery is a reward at tier 30!

Thankfully, the livery, helmet, suit, and gloves from all of the content creators Codemasters has teamed up with are in the free rewards!

That doesn't mean you should forgo the VIP Pass though. With plenty of extras including radio win calls, Halo stickers, and celebrations there is plenty to enjoy there.

And remember, if you complete your VIP Pass you will get all the PitCoins you need to buy the next one too!

f1 2021 series 4 aarava helmet
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LOOKING GOOD: Codemasters has captured the Aarava vibe perfectly
f1 2021 series 4 terroriser livery
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COMING IN HOT: Terroriser's set might be our favourite

F1 2022

With the calendar flipping to 2022 and a new season already approaching, we are obviously looking forward to F1 2022 from Codemasters.

We don't yet have a release date for F1 2022, but we expect it to land around mid-July, probably on 12 July if we had to pick an exact date.

We expect Codemasters to focus heavily on getting the new cars into the game, along with the Miami circuit. As a result changes to game modes may be limited, but we are hoping for an change in how you gain resource points and maybe some additional staffing hires being needed in My Team.

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