F1 2021 USA Setup: COTA setup, My Team, Career Mode & more

F1 2021 has been a smash hit for Codemasters and players everywhere.

With a new handling model providing a fresh challenge to racers, it's crucial to get your setup just right for the new game.

Especially when it comes to a circuit as diverse and tricky as COTA!


F1 2021 USA setup

The Circuit of the Americas, or COTA as it is affectionately known, is arguably the best modern track in F1. With elevation changes, tricky apexes, and flowing corners it is a circuit that challenges you but does provide plenty of opportunity for wheel-to-wheel racing.


With plenty of fast and long corners you need some serious wing angle to compete around COTA.

F1 2021 USA setup aero
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The 6-10 setting may seem extreme, but it will keep the car rooted to the ground through the high-speed esses and the tricky final sector too.


This part establishes how the power goes through the rear wheels and into the tarmac.

F1 2021 USA setup transmission
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We've set the on-throttle differential to 70% to give some good drive out of the slower corners but still let you push the car through the esses at the start of the lap.

The off-throttle differential is set to 55% to give you good rotation into those tighter corners.

Suspension Geometry

This part of the setup describes how the wheels are aligned to the body of the car.

F1 2021 USA setup suspension geometry
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Front camber is pushed all the way right, and rear camber is all the way left.

Front toe gets a click to 0.06 for some extra turn-in performance. Rear toe is set all the way left.


This part of the setup is the most personal, as you can change the way the car feels quite dramatically.

F1 2021 USA setup suspension
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We've gone with 4-6 on the suspension and 8-8 for the anti-roll bars. That keeps the car nimble and responsive through the esses and still turns in well and can survive the longer radius corners.

Ride height is set to 3-7, this keep the car clear of the kerbs and lets that big rear wing push the car down.


While there are one or two big stops here, you do also need to dab the brake pedal.

F1 2021 USA setup brakes
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As a result we've gone with 97% brake pressure and 56% brake bias. That will keep the car from locking up and also let you just tap the pedal without overbraking.


Tyres are quite different from last year.

F1 2021 USA setup tyres
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We've gone for 22.6psi on the fronts and 23.1psi on the rears.

We are continually testing and updating our setups so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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