F1 22: 5 new features you may have missed

With new modes, crossplay multiplayer, and a redesigned handling model reflecting the 2022 season rule changes, F1 22 is shaping up to be Codemasters’ most comprehensive F1 game yet.

Ahead of the release date in July, we’ve gone hands-on with F1 22 and interviewed the game’s Senior Creative Director who revealed new details about this year’s F1 title.

There’s a lot of new info to digest. So, with that in mind, here are five new features in F1 22 you may have missed.

F1 Life

When F1 22 was announced last month, one of the most polarising new features was F1 Life. This new mode lets you live the lifestyle of a wealthy F1 driver, personalise your hub, and showcase your collection of supercars, trophies, and clothing.

F1 22 drivers Charles LeClerc, George Russell, Lando Norris
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F1 Life lets you life the lifestyle of an F1 driver

While F1 Life was assumed to be a standalone mode, we now know it will also serve as an online multiplayer lobby. This means you can show off your achievements to friends online and visit other players' hubs.

As for customisation, you can kit out your driver with clothing from renowned luxury brands and customise your hub with wall art, furniture, and flooring. F1 Life is like a cross between F1, The Sims, and PlayStation Home.


Not only can you display supercars in F1 Life, but you can also drive them for the first time in an F1 game. You won't be able to race them, however.

Instead, F1 22’s supercars are restricted to time trials and challenges, from checkpoint events to Autocross and Drift challenges.

F1 22 McLaren 720S
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The McLaren 720S was briefly shown in F1 22's Miami Grand Prix trailer

Codemasters’ decision to bring supercars to the F1 game series was inspired by F1’s real-life Pirelli Hot Laps programme, in which F1 drivers take celebrities and journalists around the track in supercars as fast as possible.

Don’t expect to be driving Lamborghinis, though. F1 22 will only feature supercars from F1 team manufacturers including Ferrari, Mercedes-AMG, McLaren, and Aston Martin.

As seen in the Miami Grand Prix trailer, the McLaren 720S is the only confirmed supercar in F1 22, but the full supercar list has allegedly leaked online.

Crossplay confirmed

One of the most requested features in the F1 game series is crossplay multiplayer. This allows players to race against each other on multiple platforms to keep the multiplayer lobbies active.

F1 22 screenshot Aston Martin
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Crossplay multiplayer is coming to F1 22 in a post-launch update

While this long-requested feature won’t be available at launch, Senior Creative Director Lee Mather confirmed in an interview with RacingGames that crossplay is coming to F1 22 in a post-release update.

As for why crossplay isn’t in F1 22 at launch, the team working on this feature is based in Ukraine. Understandably, crossplay in F1 22 has been delayed until after launch to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the Ukraine team.

Adaptive AI

In line with new rule regulations, the new cars in F1 22 are noticeably heavier, making them more challenging to drive. Despite this, F1 22 will still be accessible to new players.

F1 22 screenshot Miami
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Adapative AI will make F1 22 more accessible to new players

To help new players get to grips with the new driving physics and stay competitive, Codemasters has implemented a new Adaptive AI system. Aimed at novice drivers less experienced with F1 games, Adaptive AI dynamically adjusts the speed of AI drivers while keeping the racing close and exciting.

As with previous F1 games, more experienced players can also finetune the AI difficulty from 25 all the way to 110.

Career mode and My Team changes

Career and My Team modes are also updated in F1 22. My Press, for example, is no longer in F1 22.

Instead of live post-race media interviews, you’ll receive questions through the press office. Your answers will still affect team morale, performance and even sponsorship behaviour.

F1 22 screenshot Miami
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My Team mode is getting some big changes in F1 22

My Team is also being revamped in F1 22, with three new entry levels: Newcomer, Midfield Challenger, and Title Contender. These settings change the finances and facilities you start with.

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