F1 22 Austria Wet Setup: My Team, Online, Career Mode & more

F1 22 Austria wet setup

F1 22 Austria wet setup

When the skies open around the Red Bull Ring in Austria, you need to be prepared with a good wet weather setup for the F1 22 game.

The Austrian Grand Prix has been a popular re-addition to the F1 calendar since rejoining back in 2014. Wet weather does afflict the Red Bull Ring on occasion, last seeing rain in a race in 2016. Here's our wet weather setup in F1 22!

F1 22 Austria wet setup

Austria one of the shortest circuits on the F1 roster, but it mainly made up of straights. The first three are back-to-back and separated by slow corners, so acceleration and straight-line speed are vital to a good race here.

Check out what we went with in the setup shown in the video above!



You'd normally need low wing angles for Austria in F1 22, but the rain means you need to turn these up a little bit.

F1 22 Austria setup aerodynamics
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The 22-25 provides good straight-line speed, while also producing sharp turn-in and a planted rear end.


Transmission sets how the power is driven from the engine to the wheels.

F1 22 Austria setup transmission
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A diff of 95% on-throttle helps to keep the rear under control when accelerating out of the corners. 60% off-throttle differential makes the car stable when off the throttle such as when you're going through the final sector.

Suspension geometry

As is usually the case for the wet, you need to have the most possible mechanical grip. This is to increase the contact patch of the tyres, even if it costs you tyre life.

F1 22 Austria setup suspension geometry
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So, we've gone with the smallest possible camber and toe angles available in F1 22. -2.50 and -1.00 on the cambers, along with 0.05 and 0.20 on the toes are the best in Styria.


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The kerbs around Austria aren't harsh, but they are slippery in the wet. Coupled with the fact that you'll need to use them a lot, and a soft suspension is the order of the day here.

F1 22 Austria setup suspension
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The 3-1 suspension springs allows you to run over the kerbs without fear of spinning out. 5-1 anti-roll bars also provide you with good turn-in and a ride that won't surprise you in a bad way.

The big changes in elevation necessitate a higher ride height than usual here. 5-6 settings ensure that the car can take the rise up into Turn 1 and the drop through the final corners.


There are some big braking zones here, including the awkward downhill stop into Turn 4.

F1 22 Austria setup brakes
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We've gone with 96% brake pressure and 53% brake bias. These will let you brake late into the slow corners and also prevent lock-ups on the front axle.

If you find you are locking up though, drop the pressure until you are comfortable and consistent.


Lastly, we have the tyre pressures. One-stop races are easy to achieve around here, so you can turn the pressures up to higher values than deafult.

F1 22 Austria setup tyres
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We've found that you can go all the way to 24.0 psi on the fronts and 23.0 psi on the rears without suffering from overheating. If you have a more aggressive driving style though, feel free to turn these down slightly.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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