F1 22 cross-play multiplayer coming later this month

One of F1 22’s most requested features is online multiplayer cross-play.

Originally, F1 22 was supposed to launch with cross-play, allowing players to race against each other on multiple platforms for the first time in the series. But because the team working on F1 22’s cross-play multiplayer is based in Ukraine, this long-requested online feature was delayed until post-launch amid the ongoing war with Russia.

Thankfully, the wait is nearly over, as EA has confirmed when cross-play will be available in F1 22.

Cross-play coming to F1 22 later this month

EA has confirmed that cross-play is coming to F1 22 later this month. There’s no specific date yet, but EA will be running two cross-play trials on 5-7 August and 12-14 August in Social Race and Two-Player Career modes ahead of the launch.

F1 22 cross-play
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During these trials, players can race online with friends across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

Improved matchmaking

Cross-play will also improve matchmaking, allowing players to race with each other on any platform. If you prefer racing against players on the same platform, there will also be an option to disable cross-play. Hosts can invite friends on other platforms using the Invite Friends option in the game lobby.

F1 22 cross-play
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“Cross-play brings all our players together and allows them to settle the score of who is the best driver across all platforms,” said Lee Mather, F1 Senior Creative Director at Codemasters. “Cross-play also allows us to create better matchmaking opportunities so players can compete against rival racers with similar attributes.”

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