F1 22 cross-play trials start today

For the first time in the franchise’s history, cross-play multiplayer support is coming to F1 22. Yesterday, EA confirmed that F1 22 is finally getting cross-play support at the end of this month, though the date for the full cross-play launch hasn’t been announced yet.

This will allow players to race other players online across all platforms, making F1 22’s online multiplayer more widely accessible.

In the meantime, you can try F1 22’s cross-play multiplayer right now in the first of two trials EA is hosting over the next two weeks.

F1 22 cross-play trials start today

The first F1 22 cross-play trial starts today and will continue over the weekend, ending on 7 August. After that, the second trial will run from 12-14 August.

F1 22 cross-play multiplayer trial
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EA is hosting two F1 22 cross-play multiplayer trials before the full launch later this month.

During these trials, cross-play is available in Social Race and Two-Player Career modes across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, or PC.

How to enable F1 22 cross-play multiplayer

If you want to take part in the F1 22 cross-play trials, you’ll need to enable cross-play in F1 22 in the Game Options > Settings menu. Xbox players may also need to enable cross-play in account settings.

F1 22 cross-play multiplayer trial
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Cross-play multiplayer was originally planned in F1 22 at launch.

Once cross-play is enabled, you can invite players and join online sessions across all platforms in Social Race mode.

If you prefer to race other players on the same platform, disabling cross-play will match you with players in the same console family. So, if you’re playing F1 22 on PS5, you’ll only be matched with players on PS4 or PS5 with cross-play disabled.

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