F1 22 Features Trailer: 5 things you may have missed

Codemasters and EA have lifted the lid on F1 22 in a brand new Features Trailer. With less than a month until release, this is by far the most revealing look yet at this year’s new F1 game.

As the name suggests, the new trailer breaks down the new exciting features in F1 22. We finally get a first look at the F1 Life social hub as well as F1 22’s driveable supercars in action. But we've also uncovered some hidden details that are easy to overlook.

Without further ado, here are five things you may have missed in the F1 22 Features Trailer.

Pit stop errors

Pit stops are more involving in F1 22. Not only can you manually turn into the pit lane, but pit crews can make mistakes during a pit stop, spoiling your chances for a spot on the podium.

F1 22 pit stop errors
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Pit crews can make mistakes and cost you the race in F1 22.

It’s unclear how Codemasters will implement pit stop errors and if they will be randomised. The trailer shows a mechanic’s gun failing, adding vital seconds to the pit stop.

This will make races more unpredictable while adding another layer of immersion and realism. Pit stop errors will likely be optional in higher difficulty levels.

Portimao and Shanghai

As well as the inaugural Miami Grand Prix and updated versions of Spain, Australia, and Abu Dhabi, the Portimao and Shanghai circuits are returning to F1 22, despite not featuring in the official 2022 season race calendar.

Take a close look at the trailer, and you can spot the Portuguese and Chinese flags in the track selection menu, confirming the return of Portimao and Shanghai.

F1 22 Portimao and Shanghai circuits
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The Portimao and Shanghai are in F1 22, despite not featuring in the official 2022 F1 season.

Adding these fan-favourite tracks makes sense as Codemasters poured a lot of resources into creating the Portimao track in F1 2021. As F1 isn't visiting these locations this year, Portimao and Shanghai will likely be available in custom seasons.

Accessibility options

Thanks to the hit Netflix show Drive to Survive, F1 is more popular than ever. As a result, it’s important that F1 22 is accessible to a broad audience – especially as the redesigned cars are heavier and more challenging to drive without assists.

F1 22 accessibility options
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F1 22's new accessibility options include an Adaptive AI system

Aware of this, Codemasters has added a new Immersive Broadcast feature. This mode lets players watch the formation laps, safety car periods, and pit stops without skipping them entirely, seamlessly switching between player and AI control.

Additionally, the trailer gives a first look at F1 22’s accessibility options screen. From the AI difficulty slider and flashbacks to fuel and car damage levels, most of F1 2021’s accessibility options are returning.

However, Adaptive AI is a new accessibility option in F1 22 that dynamically adjusts the pace of AI drivers in races based on the player’s ability.

Enhanced My Team

The new Features Trailer also gives us a first look at F1 22’s enhanced My Team mode. First introduced in F1 2020, My Team puts you in the role of driver and team boss for a fictional F1 team.

In F1 22, My Team is enhanced with new management strategies requiring you to make decisions and investments that affect the team’s performance.

F1 22 My Team
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New investment scenarios require you to make decisions that affect your team's performance.

An example of this is shown in the trailer. The player is asked if they want to invest in a marketing plan with Piastri to launch a new range of team merchandise.

While this will increase income for the team, it leaves the driver with less time to prepare for the race, leaving you to decide if this is a risk worth taking to generate extra cash.

Complete supercar list

One of the most surprising new features in F1 22 is driveable supercars from manufacturers including Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Mercedes-AMG. Supercars in F1 22 can be driven in time trials and the new Pirelli Hot Laps mode, which tests your skills in driving challenges before races.

F1 22 supercars McLaren Artura
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F1 22 will feature eight driveable supercars including the hybrid McLaren Artura

While supercars were teased in the Miami Grand Prix trailer with a brief glimpse of the McLaren 720S, the latest trailer gives us a proper look at F1 22's supercars in action.

Codemasters has confirmed eight supercars will be available to drive in Pirelli Hot Laps along with two official Safety Cars in time trials. From the Ferrari Roma to the McLaren Artura, all eight supercars are shown throughout the trailer if you look closely. Some are proudly displayed in the F1 Life social hub while others are shown burning rubber on the track.

You can check out the full F1 22 supercar list here.

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