F1 22 Portugal Wet Setup: Portimao setup, online, Grand Prix mode

F1 22 Portugal Wet Setup

F1 22 Portugal Wet Setup

We saw wet weather in Portugal for the 2020 race, so you'll need a good wet weather setup for F1 22 as well.

Portimao arrived in F1 22 with Update 1.07, and is a welcome freebie for players everywhere. This is the first DLC for F1 22 and there will be more circuits on the way in the official F1 game!

F1 22 Portugal Wet setup

The Algarve track is a scintillating rollercoaster of a circuit. Full of elevation changes, long corners and only a few overtaking spots at the end of the straights.



The Algarve Circuit has a long pit-straight, but you'll need downforce to be able to be pick in the corners.

F1 22 Portugal setup aerodynamics
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We've gone for 22-30 wings around Portimao. This gives you good turn-in in the middle and final sectors, while also keeping the car planted through the longer corners.


Transmission sets how the power is transmitted from the V6 turbocharged engine in the back of your car to the wheels.

F1 22 Portugal setup transmission
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We've found that an unorthodox differential setting works best around Portimao. 65% on-throttle differential gives you some more grip from the rear axle, allowing for a more consistent corner exit.

The 60% off-throttle differential provides excellent turn-in through some of the longer and trickier corners here.

Suspension geometry

The wet tyres are very durable, so you can opt for the lowest possible camber and toe angles in Portugal. This provides the most mechanical grip you can get in the F1 game.

F1 22 Portugal setup suspension geometry
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That means -2.50 on the front camber and -1.00 on the rear, along with 0.05 on the front toe and 0.20 on the rear toe.


The suspension setup should be on the soft side for wet weather conditions. This is so that you can get away with using the kerbs and not unsettling the car.

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F1 22 Portugal setup suspension
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1-2 suspension and 1-4 and the anti-roll bar make a car that doesn't snap nor slide on you/ Portimao is all about smoothness, and this setup is condusive to that.

The ride height of 6-6 allows the car to climb the inclines without trouble, while also doing the same for the declines. You will lose a little performance down the straights, but that's all in the pursuit of a consistent ride.


There are some big stops around Portimao. The braking zones into Turns 1, 2 and 5 require good brakes.

F1 22 Portugal setup brakes
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We've found that using 95% brake pressure and 53% brake bias is best for the wet setup in the Algarve. This provides great stopping power and balance between the front and rear axles.


The new tyres this season are harder to heat up in previous years. This is down to the tyres being bigger, so you can up the pressures to higher levels that before.

F1 22 Portugal setup tyres
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We've gone with 23.5 psi on the fronts and 21.7 psi on the rears. These values give you great grip without overheating the tyres.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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