F1 23: How to use DRS

F1 23: How to use DRS

F1 23: How to use DRS

The drag reduction system, or DRS, is a very powerful tool in Formula 1. Down the straights, DRS can help pull off overtakes or even defend from the car behind. Yet many players don’t know how to use DRS in F1 23.

There’s no better feeling than snatching the lead on the final lap of the race, especially when shooting past your rival. So how do you use DRS in F1 23 to pull off those moves?

Reducing the drag

Before you can learn to use it, you first need to know what DRS is. The drag reduction system on a Formula 1 car is located in the rear wing. Activated by the driver, a flap within the rear wing swings open, allowing air to pass through the wing.

This reduces the effect of air resistance, or drag, on the car, making the car travel faster along the track. In Formula 1, sections of the track are dedicated ‘DRS zones’. It is only within these zones that DRS is ‘enabled.’ In other words, the DRS can only be activated along these sections of track.

F1 23 uphill battle in Austria
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DRS is only available to drivers within a second of the car in front. The gap between cars is measured at the DRS detection point, which is usually located just before the corner prior to the DRS zone. Some DRS zones that are close together share a detection point, allowing cars to first overtake and then pull away from the car they are racing.

DRS is also only available at certain points of a race. It is disabled for the first two laps of a race, or the first two laps after a safety car period has ended. It is also disabled during wet conditions for safety reasons.

Some famous examples of DRS zones in Formula 1 include the Kemmel Straight at Spa, the Hangar Straight at Silverstone and of course the uphill climb at the Red Bull Ring. The Australian Grand Prix has the most DRS zones with a staggering four. Monaco on the other hand only has a single DRS zone.

So now that we know what DRS is, how do you use it in F1 23?

How to use DRS in F1 23

To use DRS in F1 23, you need to press the DRS activation button within a DRS activation zone. On Xbox, the DRS button is Y. On PlayStation, it’s the Triangle button.

DRS zones are indicated by signs alongside the track. These are white signs with ‘DRS’ written on them in black text. These signs are located at the activation lines.

F1 23 DRS activation zone
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When driving, you may have noticed two LEDs on the steering wheel or HUD. These are usually located just to the right of the RPM indicating LEDs. When you cross the DRS activation line, and DRS is available to you, the left-hand LED will light up.

DRS is also indicated by a green arc display on the HUD. As you approach the DRS activation zone, the arc appears on either side of the HUD. At the point they meet in the middle, the DRS LED will illuminate.

F1 23 DRS activation prompt
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You will also hear an audible sound to tell you that DRS is available to you. Pressing the DRS button will open the rear wing. This is indicated by the right-hand LED becoming illuminated.

F1 23 DRS activated
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The DRS is automatically disabled upon braking, so once you’ve activated it you don’t need to deactivate it.

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