F1 23: Max Verstappen Pro Challenges and new track layout coming

F1 23 Verstappen Zandvoort

F1 23 Verstappen Zandvoort

Formula 1 returns after the summer break, and so does the brand-new content for F1 23. The next major update will see the return of Daniel Ricciardo, the first Pro Challenge featuring Max Verstappen, and even a brand-new track layout.

So what’s coming to F1 23? Let’s find out!

Verstappen sets the challenge

To celebrate the return of F1 at this weekend’s Dutch Grand Prix, F1 23 lays down the gauntlet with the first Pro Challenge. Starring home hero Max Verstappen, the objective is to beat the two-time World Champion’s lap time around Zandvoort.

F1 23 Verstappen Pro Challenge
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Max doesn’t make things easy though. The time to beat around the Dutch track is 01:10:621, a mighty time that will take some beating. With the fastest F1 race lap around Zandvoort being 01:13:652, set by Verstappen of course, this will not be an easy challenge to complete.

Those quick enough to beat the current Championship leader will unlock Max’s special Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix 2023 helmet. Yep, all that for a helmet.

The Verstappen Pro Challenge runs from 29 August to 4 September. From 5 September, players will also be able to take on Charles Leclerc in the second Pro Challenge around Monza to try and unlock a special Scuderia Ferrari item for the Formula 1 Pirellie Gran Premio D'Italia 2023.

It’s not just the Pro Challenges coming to F1 23 in next week's update however.

The Honey Badger returns

After plenty of teasing, this week finally brought the news that Daniel Ricciardo is finally coming to F1 23 in the next update. From 29 August, players will be able to take the wheel of the AlphaTauri as the Honey Badger.

F1 23 Ricciardo Zandvoort
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This weekend marks the third race since Ricciardo replaced Nyck de Vries for the Hungarian Grand Prix. It was hoped that the Australian would be in the game before the Dutch Grand Prix, but we’re happy to wait a couple more days to be able to lick the stamp and send it.

Ricciardo's return is undoubtedly the highlight of this F1 23 update, but we also have a new track layout to look forward to.

Marina Bay track layout updated

This year’s Singapore Grand Prix will see a new track layout. Construction along Marina Bay has adjusted the final sector, with the section between turns 16 and 19 reconfigured into a single straight.

Currently, the Marina Bay circuit in F1 23 features the old layout. However next week’s update will see Marina Bay updated to feature the new straight. The new track layout is expected to shave up to six seconds off the fastest lap time, so expect to see Time Trial times tumble once the new layout makes its debut.

It’s sad to lose the iconic turn under the grandstand, but if the race proves to be more action-packed, perhaps this could become the permanent layout of the Singapore Grand Prix.

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