F1 23: New events + F1 Sports Update and F2 2023 season

F1 23 October updates

F1 23 October updates

With September coming to an end, all eyes are on what October will bring for F1 23. Luckily for players, there’s plenty of new content coming. This includes new Pro Challenges and other events, updated liveries, and of course the introduction of the 2023 Formula 2 season to the game.

Let’s take a look at what’s coming to F1 23 in October.

Update 1.15 updates F1 liveries and introduces F2 2023 season

Update 1.15 screeches into F1 23 today, bringing some big bug fixes as well as updating various parts of the game.

F1 23 Update 1.15 patch notes
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The F1 Sports Update brings the entire F1 grid up-to-date, with all liveries, bodywork, sponsors, and team attire brought in line with the real-life teams. Along with the update to F1, Update 1.15 also brings the F2 2023 season to F1 23.

You can read all about Update 1.15 in F1 23 by clicking here.

Take on Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc once more

After the successful launch of the F1 23 Pro Challenges, EA ambassadors Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc will be returning with another round of challenges for players to complete.

The Pro Challenges kick off once again with World Champion Verstappen, this time setting a lap time around Suzuka for players to beat. Completing this Pro Challenge will earn players the EA Sports FC emblazoned helmet Verstappen sported at last week’s Japanese Grand Prix. This challenge runs from 26 September to 2 October.

Further Pro Challenges include events set at the United States Grand Prix, Mexican Grand Prix, and Sao Paulo Grand Prix. At the time of writing, we’re yet to discover which of these will feature Charles Leclerc.

Outside of the Pro Challenges, October will also bring Replay Events of the United States, Mexican, and Sao Paulo Grand Prix. These events see players complete the race using the real-life grid positions from those respective races.

F1 23 Verstappen Suzuka Pro Challenge
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There will also be the studio-created Scenario Events, this time featuring Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez.

These are some pretty exciting events for players to compete in, but the most exciting news involves F1 liveries and the Formula 2 update.

F2 2023 season now available

October also sees the Sports Livery Update arrive in F1 23. This update modifies the livery of each car on the grid to reflect the changes the cars have gone through throughout the year. This update will also display the geometric and bodywork tweaks the cars have gone through over the 2023 season.

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The most exciting part of October however is the introduction of the 2023 F2 season. Including drivers, teams, and car designs, players will now be able to take on the likes of Theo Porchaire and Ayumu Iwasa in the 14 Formula 2 races.

F1 23 2023 F2 season
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Along with the updated F2 drivers, F1 23 is also bringing reigning Formula 1 Esports champion Lucas Blakely into the game as an Icon. Other Esports champions are also expected to be added throughout October.

With the big updates out of the way, there are also other minor changes coming to F1 23, including a hotfix for two major issues in the game.

Equal performance addressed in hotfix

Update 1.12 to F1 23, whilst fixing recurring issues in F1 World, did manage to break equal performance. Instead of affecting tyre degradation, this issue affected the aerodynamic downforce of the AlphaTauri cars.

On top of that, Update 1.12 also reset many players’ custom controller setups. This has caused a lot of anger amongst the community, but thankfully Codemasters has now released a hotfix to address these issues.

Equal performance should now be restored in online multiplayer, with custom controller setups being restored for those who lost them. However, the latter fix will only work for players who did not create new controller profiles. Players who recreated their setups will not be able to recover their previous ones.

Hopefully, this is the last time equal performance will be affected in F1 23. With many players also highlighting other issues yet to be fixed in F1 23, this should allow Codemasters to switch focus onto those issues.

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