F1 24 Will Get a Graphics Update After Launch

F1 24 Will Get a Graphics Update After Launch

F1 24 Will Get a Graphics Update After Launch

Despite running on the EGO engine that's powered every Codemasters F1 game since the series began in 2009, F1 24’s visuals will be a leap forward from F1 23.

The last known new version of the EGO engine was v4.0, first used in F1 2015 to take advantage of the then-new PS4 and Xbox One hardware. Despite this, Codemasters has taken advantage of new technology to improve the graphical fidelity of recent F1 games, and F1 24 is no different.

“Further enhancements" are coming to F1 24 in post-launch update

In F1 24, the team cars have been redesigned with updated CAD models. Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination software enhances the shadows, lighting, and reflection effects during races and cut scenes, making the cars look more realistic.

Drivers have also received a makeover, with new face scans, full hair rendering, and improved skin and eye shaders resulting in more accurate likenesses. However, the visual improvements won’t end there.

F1 24 screenshot Sauba
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Speaking to RacingGames, senior creative Lee Mather revealed that a post-launch update will bring “further visual enhancements” to F1 24. “There’s a post-launch visual update planned where we’re going to be bringing in some new tech, which we’ll be able to talk about closer to launch," said Mather.

Details on this new tech are being kept under wraps for now, but Mather teased that “further visual enhancements are coming.”

This isn’t the only post-launch update fans can look forward to. Like most F1 games, F1 24 will launch with last year’s Formula 2 season, but a free update will add the 2024 F2 teams and drivers later this year.

F1 24 screenshot McLaren at Miami
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Like last year, special one-off team liveries will also likely be added to F1 World in line with the current season.

What visual enhancements are you hoping to see in F1 24? Let us know in the comments below.

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