F1 Manager 2022: Driver Ratings revealed

With just over a month until the release of F1 Manager 2022, Frontier Developments has revealed the full driver ratings for F1 Manager 2022. This includes the current F1 grid drivers, reserve drivers, and drivers from the current F2 and F3 lineups.

Which driver takes the top spot? Read on to find out.

Dynamic development system

As Frontier Developments explains in a blog post, each driver and staff member have an overall rating indicating their performance level. Throughout the season, driver and staff ratings dynamically develop as they gain experience.

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Several attributes affect the ability of every driver, Race Engineer, Head of Aerodynamics, and Technical Chief. Drivers, for example, have attributes such as cornering, braking, and consistency. Other staff have attributes such as communication and pit crew feedback.

These attributes affect your team’s performance. Drivers with high ratings for smoothness and control will manage tyres more effectively, while high ratings for overtaking and defending make them more likely to win battles on the track.

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Upgrading Facilities can also increase staff development rates. Improving your race simulator, for example, helps drivers develop their skills faster, while reserve drivers can boost their development by driving in the first free practice session of a weekend.

Attributes can also affect the performance of your pit crew. In F1 Manager 2022, you can change the training focus of your pit crew to focus on specific areas of performance so they can handle the pressure of fast-paced pit stops.

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Drivers develop at different speeds, however. Younger drivers and staff will develop at a faster rate than older drivers and staff. As a Team Principal, you’ll need to decide whether to recruit established drivers already at the peak of their performance or scout for upcoming talent and develop their skills over time.

Driver ratings

These are the best and worst drivers you can hire for your team in F1 Manager 2022. As expected, Max Verstappen, current leader of the 2022 F1 season championship, comes out on top, with a driver ranking of 90. Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is also ranked at 90.

Younger, less experienced drivers have much lower rankings. Frederico Mavestiti has the lowest ranking at 32.

Overall rating
Lewis Hamilton
George Russell
Max Verstappen
Sergio Perez
Charles Leclerc
Carlos Sainz
Lando Norris
Daniel Ricciardo
Fernando Alonso
Esteban Ocon
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