F1 Manager 2022: Practice and qualifying explained in new Feature Focus video

With the release of F1 Manager 2022 approaching the chequered flag, Frontier Developments has released another Feature Focus video.

While previous Feature Focus videos explored recruiting teams and car development, car development, the latest deep dive video looks at how you’ll control and prepare your team ahead of a race, from looking at circuit overviews to setting practice session objectives and qualifying for the best position.

Preparing for the race

Ahead of practice sessions, you’ll receive key details for the next Grand Prix. These include weather predictions, circuit characteristics, and the likelihood of a safety car being deployed.

To prepare for the race, you’ll need to set performance targets with sponsors for qualifying, check powertrain components, and make sure spare parts are stocked up.

Like in the real-life F1, every race weekend has three practice sessions allowing you to test different setups and experiment with race strategies. Longer practice sessions help familiarise your drivers with the car setup and track layout, boosting their performance level when they hit the track.

F1 Manager 2022 practice driver setup confidence
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Drivers will also provide feedback on the car setup after practice sessions. Setups can affect a driver’s confidence in the car, so you'll need to make adjustments accordingly based on their feedback.

After practice is complete, it’s time for qualifying for the best starting position on the grid. As Team Principal, you’ll need to confirm tyre compounds and a run plan that determines the number of laps your drivers will do during qualifying.

F1 Manager 2022 qualifying session
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As conditions change during sessions, timing will be crucial to get your drivers onto the circuit at the right time. During qualifying sessions, you can monitor grip levels, track condition, and weather details, as well as compare lap times from competitors. 

Release date

F1 Manager 2022 is now just over two weeks away. With a 25 August release date for those who pre-order the digital version, there's not long to wait. Pre-ordering also gives you a ten percent discount. The general release will follow on 31 August with a digital and physical release.

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