F1’s Braking Point story mode will return

With new features such as F1 Life, driveable supercars, and crossplay multiplayer, F1 22 is bringing significant changes to Codemasters’ F1 game series. New rules and regulations in the 2022 season also mean the cars will feel noticeably different to drive.

One notably absent feature in F1 22, however, is a story mode. F1 2021 introduced a story mode called Braking Point where you played as fictional F2 driver Aiden Jackson. Braking Point was well received, but despite this, it won’t be returning in F1 22. Why is this?

Braking Point "will return in the future"

In an interview with GamingBolt, F1 22’s Senior Creative Director said Braking Point is absent in F1 22 because of the F1 series’ two-year development cycle. However, Mather confirmed that F1’s story mode “will return in future.”

F1 2021 Braking Point screenshot
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F1 2021's Braking Point story mode saw you play as rookie F2 driver Aiden Jackson

“We saw great success with our F1 2021 story mode Braking Point across both new and returning players, and we’re committed to this feature,” Mather told us. “However it’s not part of our immediate plans due to our two-year development cycle with our internal teams. But rest assured, it will return in the future.”

GRID Legends Driven to Glory story mode characters
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Will the next F1 game story mode have live action cut scenes like Grid Legends' Driven to Glory?

Mather’s comments suggest Braking Point will return next year in F1 23. Whether it will continue the story of Aiden Jackson’s driver journey remains to be seen. Potentially, the next iteration of Braking Point could feature live-action cut scenes like GRID Legends’ Driven to Glory story mode.

F1 Life

Replacing the story mode in F1 22 is a new mode called F1 Life. As the name suggests, it lets you live the lifestyle of a wealthy F1 driver. F1 Life will feature customisable hub spaces where you can show off your collection of trophies and supercars in multiplayer lobbies.

Speaking of which, supercars from McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes-AMG and Aston Martin will be driveable in F1 22’s new Pirelli Hot Laps mode.

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