Haas provides first glimpse of F1 23 cars

As January fades away the first race weekend of the year is rapidly coming into view. Formula 1 teams are deep in preparation, but car launches are all about the design and marketing teams, along with the sponsors.

For sim racing fans though, it's a chance to look at the cars they will be driving and racing against in F1 23.

The F1 23 cars won't be too visually different from last year, but Haas is the first team to give us a glimpse of what is to come!

F1 23 Haas

The American team, albeit based in Banbury, has come under fire for its links with Ferrari in the past, and you can kind of see the similarity in it and the F1-75 that the Scuderia put on track last season.

However, the biggest note is that the new MoneyGram sponsorship for Haas has led to a change in colouring.

The red is still there, but less emphasised now, with a bigger nod to black.

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From the front it doesn't look like much has changed, but from the side it looks far more striking.

The sweeping curves and use of red to highlight rather than dominate create a livery that is easy on the eye.

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The Haas VF-23 looks great, but it is unlikely to challenge for race wins. With Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen behind the wheel it should be a solid midfielder though.

Maybe you can take it to the top spot in F1 23!

F1 23 release date

We don't yet have confirmation of F1 23, but we know Codemasters are hard at work on the next annual release of the Formula 1 game.

After a rough year with F1 22, hope is high that Codemasters can recapture the touch that saw F1 2019, 2020, and 2021 get praise.

We expect F1 23 to hit the shelves around late June/early July 2023, with the usual three days early access for those that buy the premium edition.

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