How to change commentator in F1 22

F1 22 commentator choice silverstone

F1 22 commentator choice silverstone

It's finally here! F1 22 has landed on PlayStation, Xbox and PC worldwide! There are plenty of new features in F1 22, including the ability to choose your commentator.

Those with the English-language version have a few options to choose from. So, who is available? And how do you change these settings? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Changing your settings

So, to change your commentary settings, your best bet is to head to F1 22's main home menu. From there, go to the "Game Options" and then "Audio Settings".

F1 22 game audio settings
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Scroll down to the Language sub-section and you'll find your commentary options. You can then choose to have either Sky F1's David Croft, or Channel 4's Alex Jacques.

Jacques has been in previous F1 games, but as the commentator for Formula 2. He is now available for F1 commentary in the game though.

Other commentary languages

English isn't the only commentary language within F1 22. F1 22 also features commentary in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.

F1 22 Charles Leclerc win
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Who do you want to summarise the race you've just experienced

Some notable names featured in other languages include former F1 drivers Jean-Eric Vergne and Jacques Villeneuve in French and Sacha Roos in German.

Other English-language personnel like Anthony Davidson and Natalie Pinkham are still there in other languages. However, you won't have choice within these languages, as only English has a second commentator option.

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