How to change controls in F1 22

Formula 1 fanatics rejoice: F1 22 is here. Codemasters’ new F1 game shakes up the formula with F1 Life, driveable supercars, and a new handling model that makes the cars more challenging to drive, though some aspects like the Career Mode feel very familiar.

One of the things we love about F1 22 is how customisable it is. Codemasters has done a commendable job catering to every skill level, with a wealth of assists and difficulty options. The controls can also be configured to suit your preference. But how do you change the controls in F1 22? We’ll show you how.

How to change controls in F1 22

Changing the controls to your liking is easy to do, whether you’re playing on PC, PlayStation or Xbox. To change controls in F1 22, go to the Home tab in the main menu and select Game Options.

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Then select Settings > Controls, Vibration & Force Feedback. On this screen, select your controller.

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For example, if you’re using a PS5, select Wireless Controller Preset 1. If you’re using a PC without a controller, the keyboard will appear here. You can also set up multiple presets. After choosing your controller, press Edit.

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This will bring up an options screen allowing you to map each controller button for the accelerator, brakes, steering, gears, and camera among other options.

If you want to finetune the settings further, select Calibration at the top of the controller settings screen.

You can also perform a button test in the Calibration menu. We recommend doing this as it will ensure your controller is calibrated correctly and allow for more precise control.

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For example, when calibrating the steering, the game will prompt you to move the analogue stick left to right. If it shows -100 and 100, the steering is correctly calibrated. Likewise, you should reach 100 when fully pressing the trigger for acceleration and braking. If not, you may need to adjust the deadzone, linearity, and saturation settings for the steering, throttle, and brake in the Calibration menu.

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