How to change music in F1 22

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F1 22 is here, and it brings some big changes to Codemasters’ long-running F1 game series. Reflecting rule changes introduced in the 2022 season, the cars are heavier to handle, while the new F1 Life mode lets you drive supercars and customise your hub.

As this is the first F1 game under EA’s full influence, another big change is an original soundtrack for the first time in the series. This puts F1 22 in line with other EA Sports games like FIFA that have EA Music soundtracks. If you want to change music in F1 22 or turn off the soundtrack entirely, follow these easy steps.


How to change music in F1 22

To change music in F1 22, head to the Home tab in the main menu, scroll down, and select Game Options.

Then go to Settings > EA Music to customise the music you want to hear in the game.


From here, you can turn off individual music tracks you don’t want to hear, or switch them all off.

In the EA Music screen, there are also two music types you can select: Soundtrack or Theme.

The soundtrack features a curated playlist of 33 tracks from electronic dance artists including Diplo, Alesso & Marshmello, James Bay.

Alternatively, switching to Theme plays an original orchestral soundtrack composed for F1 22. This option is useful for streamers as it prevents copyright strikes by disabling licensed music. 

You can also adjust the music volume by going to Settings > Audio Settings and turning the music volume up or down on a scale from 1-10.

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