How to do Quick Practice in F1 22

With Sprint Races, redesigned 2022 season F1 cars with revised handling, and a new Pirelli Hot Laps mode with driveable supercars, F1 22 is the most complete Formula 1 game yet. Career Mode is as comprehensive as ever, allowing you to simulate the full 2022 season with practice sessions, qualifying and of course the main race.

Practice sessions are vital for learning the track and getting to grips with the new car handling. If you’re short on time, you can simulate practice sessions in the Quick Practice mode. Here’s how to do Quick Practice in F1 22.

Practice makes perfect

To do a quick practice in F1 22, you need to have practice enabled in the race format. Practice sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes, with the latter mirroring real-life F1 practice sessions. Each race weekend has three practice sessions, but you don’t have to enter them even if they are enabled.

Practice sessions are also an easy way to earn resource points to spend on upgrades for your car in My Team.

How to do Quick Practice in F1 22

When selecting a practice session in Career mode, you’ll be presented with two options: Go to Track or Quick Practice. Choosing Quick Practice will simulate the practice session on your behalf.

F1 22 Quick Practice
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Quick Practice simulates practice sessions in F1 22.

Next, you need to select a practice programme. These include Race Strategy, Qualifying Pace, and Track Acclimatisation. Once you have selected a programme, you must then choose objectives to pursue.

F1 22 Quick Practice Practice Programmes
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Quick Practice saves time, but you might miss out on resource points to develop your car.

Each objective takes off time in practice sessions. Completing objectives can earn resource points as a reward. This isn’t guaranteed, however, as objective as a chance of success or failure in Quick Practice. Objectives with a higher chance of success are highlighted in Quick Practice.

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