Natalie Pinkham teases possible F1 23 Braking Point story appearance

F1 23 hasn’t been announced yet, but the Braking Point story mode is expected to return after it was absent in F1 22 in favour of F1 Life.

While we're still waiting for Codemasters to announce details, Sky Sports Formula 1 pit lane reporter Natalie Pinkham has hinted she might play a role in F1 23’s story mode.

Natalie Pinkham could appear in F1 23 Braking Point story mode

On her Instagram, Pinkham shared a photo of her in a motion capture suit recording footage for a “special project.”

“Busy capturing motion today,” she wrote. “Special project incoming.” Could she be referring to F1 23?

If so, she could appear in the next chapter of Braking Point or driver pit lane interviews between races in other single-player modes.

If she is recording motion capture for F1 23's story mode, the cut scenes probably won't be live-action like in GRID Legends' Driven to Glory story mode. Instead, we can likely expect CGI cut scenes like in F1 2021.

This wouldn’t be her first appearance in a Formula 1 game either. Pinkham was the first female commentator in a Formula 1 game, lending her voice for F1 22's commentary.

When will F1 23 be announced?

As we can only speculate for now, we won’t find out if Pinkham is appearing in F1 23 until Codemasters announces the game. Judging from F1 22's announcement last year, this could happen around April.

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As for the release date, F1 23 should arrive on PC and consoles in late June or early July going by past Codemasters F1 games.

As we wait for Codemasters to announce F1 23, we've made a wishlist for three features we'd love to see in F1 23 to make it the perfect Formula 1 game.

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