When does F1 2022 game come out?

We're well into January now and winter testing for the new Formula 1 season is approaching, but when does F1 2022 game come out?

Let's take a look at just what Codemasters has in store for us in 2022.

When does F1 2022 game come out?

Codemasters is yet to announce the next game in their Formula 1 franchise, but as an annual sports title we know it will be coming out at some point. The only question is when.

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NEW CAR SMELL: The new season brings with it a much-changed design to F1 cars

Over the last few years Codemasters has had a regular release window of mid July, so we can take a pretty educated guess at just when F1 2022 will land.

Our predicted F1 2022 release date is 12 July 2022. This is in line with Codemasters' normal window.

There should also be an edition that features three days early access, letting players get started on their My Team save a bit early.

What to expect from F1 2022

Along with the brand new cars, there is also one new track coming to the calendar this season.

The Miami International Autodrome will be a second Grand Prix in America, taking place in May 2022.

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HEAR ME ROAR: The track is created around the Miami Dolphins NFL stadium

We hope that Codemasters can create this track in-game in time for launch, but as we saw with F1 2021 it is not a quick process and the circuit could end up being a post-launch addition just like Imola, Portimao, and Jeddah were.

There should once again be a good balance between single-player modes and multiplayer. With career mode and My Team being balanced with co-op career and online play.

We don't expect to see a second chapter to Braking Point. The story mode seems to be an every-other-year piece to the F1 games. Instead, time will be spent bringing the new cars to life and hopefully making some upgrades to My Team.

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