Will F1 Manager 2023 have multiplayer?

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F1 Manager bought a new level of excitement and enjoyment to Formula 1 fans last year, but it lacked any online play so will F1 Manager 2023 have multiplayer?

F1 Manager 2022 was a hit, at least initially, with players around the world but it lacked one crucial aspect: multiplayer.


The lack of online or offline gameplay with friends really hampered the expansion of the F1 Manager fanbase. So will Frontier bring it in for F1 Manager 2023?

F1 Manager 2023 multiplayer

Fans were disappointed they could do saves with friends in F1 Manager 2022.

After all, who doesn't want to duke it out with buddies at the top of the grid with Red Bull, Ferrari, & Mercedes? Or even do some Road To Glory battles at the back with Williams, Aston Martin, and Haas?


This is something that is standard among fans of other managerial titles, like Football Manager, where online saves among friends are typical.

While missing it from the first game of the franchise was understandable, if disappointing, it should be in F1 Manager 2023.

Now that Frontier has a pretty solid gameplay loop down and a lot of the initial bugs and issues resolved, they need to make F1 Manager 2023 as big a success as possible.

Reportedly F1 Manager 2022 was a disappointment sales-wise thanks to lower-than-anticipated cut-price & holiday sales in the months after release. This may have been due to some negative reviews based on in-game bugs or because it only offered a single-player experience.

The addition of multiplayer will certainly lead to a longer shelf-life for players and open up opportunities for gameplay challenges and experiences like never before.

How multiplayer will have to work

F1 Manager does hold one particular barrier to multiplayer saves which is the time accelerator option in races.


Plenty of players will fly through the opening two laps before DRS activates, slow it down to try and micromanage a few overtakes, and then speed things up again until the first round of pitstops.

This race time speed will need to be locked in multiplayer games in order to keep everyone seeing the same thing and reacting to events at the same time.

Contract negotiations will also need to be reworked to allow multiple parties to go back and forth with staff and drivers at the same time.


These are really the only things standing in the way of multiplayer (along with servers of course!) but they shouldn't be preventative to it arriving in F1 Manager 2023.

We were big fans of last year's game and have poured hundreds of hours into it across multiple saves. Hopefully F1 Manager 2023 will let us team up and see who really is the best Team Principal around!