New Forza Mobile Game Has No Actual Racing

Forza Customs Mobile Game Has No Actual Racing

Forza Customs Mobile Game Has No Actual Racing

A new Forza mobile game has arrived on mobile in the form of Forza Customs. If the name sounds familiar, we covered Forza Customs a few months ago. Back then, the game had soft soft-launched in select regions, but is now available worldwide for iOS and Android.

There’s a catch though – this is a Forza mobile game with no actual racing.

Forza Customs out now on iOS and Android

Created by Hutch, known for its mobile car games like F1 Clash and Top Drives, in partnership with Turn 10 Studios, Forza Customs offers a mix of car customisation and puzzle games.

Forza Customs mobile game
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Players can customise a variety of real-world cars from manufacturers such as Porsche, Ford and Volkswagen, but you can’t drive or race them. Instead, Forza Customs tasks you with designing and modifying parts, but these cost points. To get points, you must solve car-themed match-three puzzles.

“Forza Customs is the result of two studios coming together to do what they each do best,” said Hutch CEO and co-founder Shaun Rutland. “Combining Hutch’s expertise in creating automotive titles for mobile and Turn 10’s Forza legacy, Forza Customs is set to be an ideal balance of both qualities.”

Microtransactions cost up to £89.99

Being a free-to-play mobile game, there are of course microtransactions allowing you to progress faster. Gold can be purchased for real money, with prices ranging from the “popular” £9.99 bundle to an eye-watering £89.99. Amusingly, the latter is dubbed the “best value.”

Forza Customs mobile game
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Hutch plans to release regular updates for Forza Customs, including new cars, game modes, and rewards throughout the year.

Although Forza Customs was created in collaboration with Turn 10, there’s little connection to the Forza Motorsport series. That’s because it started as an entirely different game called Custom Car Works, before being rebranded as Forza Customs to reach a wider audience.

This isn’t the first time Forza has come to mobile. Originally known as Miami Street, Forza Street launched in 2019 but was shut down three years later in Spring 2022.

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